Dangal releases in China today: Box Office Expectations

Aamir Khan's Dangal is going to release in China today. The film was a huge blockbuster in India as it went on to become highest grosser of all time. Now all eyes are on how it will fare in world's second-biggest market China.

Aamir Khan is the most popular actor in China. His last film PK is the highest grossing Indian film in the counrty as it collected massive $19 million. The stats prove that he is only competing with himself in China. Here are the highest-grossing films in China from India.

Dangal will release in China in 9,000 screens which is the widest ever release for an Indian film in any territory. It will release as Shuai Jiao Baba, which means “Let’s Wrestle, Dad”. The Chines trade analysts are expecting that film will collect $10 million in the opening weekend and $30 million in the lifetime which will be higher than the overseas collection of many films. Thus the total worldwide collection of Dangal will go over 950 crores and has a chance to touch 1000 crores.

Check out the Chinese poster.

32 comments on “Dangal releases in China today: Box Office Expectations”

  1. bahubali-7cr
    Hahahaha ? ?
    N people saying prabhas is bigger than Aamir.
    Abey gadho,No one can beat Aamir in overseas in life time collection only for overseas.

    1. Weekend Advance booking report is homogeneous the collection is double last release pk 10m-15m

    2. @Parshya... plz bro stop compairing Ammir Khan, Dangal with Prabhas or bahubali....you are insulting aamir khan....

  2. Hope dangal cross 1000 cr worldwide & Bahubali 2 will cross dangal than.It will be great for Indian cinema.

  3. chinese will sure love this film, they are very hardworker athletes, see their olymics records, anything could be possible my expectation is 50ml collection, now 1000cr ww possibilty for dangal after bahubali

  4. You are right @parshya Aamir today is the third most popular actor in overseas! He's doing great! Good luck for Dangal! ?

      1. The other two are Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, and FYI I said popularity not box office, do you know which actor has the highest grosser in the world, he is a small star from Avatar but still is at the top of box office, even if it comes to box office then talk to me the day Aamir Khan has all top 10 overseas in his name a feat that Shah Rukh Khan has achieved, and the reason why I named Salman Khan before Aamir Khan is because is seen by fans not by a box office figure, even I watched Dangal in cinemas and then again at home because I knew Aamir Khan always comes out with best, but for me Airlift was the best movie of the year,
        Stardom = Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan

        If Aamir Khan can fill up a stadium in London of over 90,000 people within seconds and if I see women crying for him or people fainting then I'll accept he has unbelievable stardom

  5. If 4000 screen which was in 2014 did 123cr buisness
    Then what about 9000 screen which is in 2017?
    Atleast 200cr
    N there is possibility that Dangal will do 1000cr ww
    Non masala film still...not like bb2 fully masala n no story.

    1. bahubali se kyu compare kar rha hai ... mujhe baahubali ka content Aamir ki kisi bhi movie se achcha laga... ismein tujhe koi problem hai kya?? to jabardasti aamir ko kyu ghusa rha hai

    1. Abey tu pagal hai kya.

      BB1 LT China colln-1.1M$.
      Waha koi indian diaspora nahi baitha jo bahubali shahubali ke craze mein pagal hoga.
      1.36M$ done so far in china by dangal few mins. back.Day 1 wld be 3M$.

  6. @parshya Masala movies don't work in overseas, so only masala tag given by you to bahubali 2 don't justify when it is beating Dangal in worldwide collection..

    1. India ke actor ke sath compare kar na
      Abey tere sallu ne to opening bhi nahi ki china me..kuch sharam kar..
      Hollywood ke filmonka budget dekh uparse english is international language.. Sallu fans hote hi hai kam dimag vale

  7. Parshya,
    1.36M$ done so far(4.45pm local time china)
    Day 1 cld be 3M$.
    BB2 ka NA weekend udega pakka.

    ATP in china for Dangal-4.5$,Assuming 3m$,Day1 FF of dangal in china cld be 6.66 Lacs. ATP for BB2 in NA -16$(min),Weekend Collns-10.138M$,FF-6.33 Lacs

    Dangal china day 1 FootFalls>>>BB2 NA whole weekend Footfalls.

      1. Parshya 1.85M$ done 7pm local chinese time,peak time for cinegoers.3M ke aas paas pehle day.occupancy better than GOTG2.Tommorow can be close to 4.5MD.Weekend wld be close to 12MD.
        Parshya twitter par hai kya

  8. Baahbali ko no story bolne waalo.. Dhoom 3 mein to bahaut story thi naa ... apna time bhool jaate ho

  9. let see if tubelight releases in china. aamir khan has got chance and smashed all records in china. srk got chance and failed miserably. so according to me salman also deserves to get 1 chance. i am not saying he will score huge but if srk can get 3 chances despite of failing everytime salman also deserves one.

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