Aamir Khan’s Dangal receives standing ovation in China

Aamir Khan is in China for the release of his recent film Dangal. The film has received a coveted opening movie slot in the non-competing panorama section of the 7th Beijing International Film Festival. Dangal became the first Indian movie to get such a slot and unprecedented response.

Dangal, which is releasing in China as Shuaijiao Baba or Let’s Wrestle, Father, received a standing ovation from the audience. The reviews are extremely positive on Chinese rating websites.

The screening was attended by the who’s who of China with renowned personalities like China’s leading actress Liu Yifei and actor Wu Gang. China’s acting sensation Liu Yifei has publicly expressed her desire to work with Aamir. The actress, while introducing Aamir Khan to the Beijing audience, was unable to contain her excitement and expressed that she would love to work with him in a film.

Liu took to stage to convey, “I really wish to work with you in the future.”
The gesture left Aamir Khan humbled and he responded “I would love that!”

Tickets for the screening were sold out withing no time that even Aamir couldn’t get tickets for his guests. While in the city, Aamir also interacted with filmmaker Rob Cohen of the xXx and Fast and Furious franchise fame, in addition to Chinese sports celebrities like China’s top boxer and Olympic medalist Zou Shiming and Basketball sensation Stephon Marbury.

Aamir Khan along with director Nitish Tiwari will also visit Shanghai and Chengdu to promote his film. The film will release in China on May 6th, 2017.

Via Indianexpress

45 comments on “Aamir Khan’s Dangal receives standing ovation in China”

    1. This movie is going to be mad in China, just a bit disappointed that a man who doesn't believe in promotions and award shows why is he going city by city to do it now, he obviously knows China is huge market and can make him more than the rest of the world out together with India, it's totally fine that he's going to these awards and premiers but then he should not think any less of national and Indian awards as well because every award ceremony in the world incl the oscars are all corrupt in some way! But hope Aamir Khan does more than 50 million just in China so Indian movies can finally beat some Hollywood movies and make way for other actors and movies in China! Aamir Khan has definetly proven that what Shah Rukh Khan has done in the past 15+ years in overseas to make Indian movies bigger and bigger Aamir Khan has just taken that srk legacy a step forward! He deserves a standing ovation! ? ? ?

  1. aamir is real overseas king not srk
    look at his popularity in China
    he is really making indian cinema big to world cinema

      1. You do know china box office is only 2nd to us box office so the potential for box office gains is huge aamir has shown the way now it's time for sallu srk and akki to try to exploit china box office to

      2. No one said china is the whole world but because china economy and people think alike like India they understand your movies better than a regular person in America or Britain, and china is such a huge market that if Indian movies makes it names there it can start releasing small movies as well and that's when they'll become the center of attention and start collaborating with American artist a huge step was taken by srk when he bought in Akon and international artist for Ra.One he may not have been successful but it was rosy worth taking, China can make Indian movies more than its domestic market!

  2. Eid star ko 650cr cross nahi ho raha aur Aamir 900cr cross karne ja raha hai.
    What a shame!!!

    1. aamir 2 nd most favorite actor hai par tere wajah se ab aamir 3rd 4th ho gya hai
      itna negativity kyun hai yar salman k prati
      koi salman fan yaha aamir ka burai nahi karta sirf tu hai unsecure person tera dar dekh k lag raha hai bhai ab jarur record todega

  3. SS(Aamirs cameo) will thrass all sallus non holiday movie buisness that too in clash with golmal again..

  4. wooww.. great news for the only die hard aamir fan in the world :D.. guess who? :D
    Heard Aamir was informed about this die hard fan.. now he has confirmed to set his base in china only :D

  5. Aamir with Dangal set to create history again. The collection in China will be record smasher for sure. 50m club should be open and Aamir is only actor to cross 30m$ thrice while none has crossed once. Aamir is having the biggest audience both domestic and overseas. While social sites par gandh machane wale to kisi kaam k hi nahi.

  6. Aamir ka fan following Mars tak hai.bina aamir Bollywood me filme nahi banti.aamir ke samne sallu chota baby hai.aagar aamir nahi hota to Bollywood nahi hota.aamir is greater than dilip kumar,amitabh bacchan.China me agar PK nahi release hota to China movie band ho jata.India ki economy aamir chala raha hai.aamir ke samne Hollywood movie Kuch nahi.dangal NE world ke saare record tod daale.highest footfall ka record dangal ke paas hai.dangal sholay SE 25 times jyada business kya hai.sholey+mugleaajam+mother India+ mpk+ddlj+hahk+gadder= dangal.aamir ki fan following 15 billion hai. Pure Galaxy me aamir ki hi movie chalti hai.aamir ke samne Brahms, Vishnu ,mahesh bhi Kuch nahi.aamir garibo ka mashiha hai.aamir ki acting sikhne Hollywood SE log aate hai.usne ab tak 50 atbb diya hai.pehle log movie nahi dekhte the likin ab aamir ke aabe ke baad log movie dekhne lage

    1. First time I will agree with u
      @raj Kumar
      I know tumne ye sab frustration mein likha hai
      BT it's true....

  7. I am very exciting for dangal n aamir khan...may the movie released in Pakistan as well... although its available on net but the quality is very low so I am sitll waiting for hd or blueray...it may take more two three months....

  8. Likh lo min 30m$ in china.While others r struggling for total OS of 30m$,Aamir wld do that in china alone.

  9. Aamir is great movie ka MATLAB aamir,aamir is God of movie.aamir ki movie Mars,moon PE bhi release kar do blockbuster hojayegi.PK NE China me saare record ko tod daale.China me ab sirf ek hi naam aamir dangal China me 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 doller ka business karegi.aamir nahi hota to Dada sahab filme nahi banate

  10. So happy for you Aamir .......your hard work has paid you immensely and for us lifelong memories ......

  11. Sallu ka time over .uska bad phase suro. Tubelight flop ho jayegi,tzh disasterrrrrrr ho jayegi.duniya me isse badi khusi ki baat kya ho Sakti hai.salman hater mai maafi mangta hoon tumhari jeet Hui.East aur West aamir is vest.

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