Aamir Khan to make The Mahabharat franchise

Bollywood megastar Aamir Khan has often shared his desire to make a film on Mahabharat. There were reports that he will feature in SS Rajamouli's Mahabharat trilogy. Now it seems that actor has decided to make the epic Mahabharat franchise under his own production.

Reportedly Aamir will start working on the film after he wraps up Thugs of Hindustan. He will spend the next decade of his career on a franchise which will stretch into several films, tv series, video games and books. The first film in the franchise will be directed by Advait Chandan who earlier helmed Secret Superstar.

All of the films will feature Aamir Khan as Krishna and will have ensemble cast including actors from Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood. It will be the biggest project in the history of India and will be made on the lines of Hollywood epic series Lord of The Rings.

Aamir Khan right now is only working on Thugs of Hindostan. Reportedly it will be his last film outside his production house as he has opted out of Salute.

88 comments on “Aamir Khan to make The Mahabharat franchise”

  1. Go Aamir, only you can make this type of movies. Alk the best to you.. 5000 cr loading.. The man himself charging now

    1. Great to see a Muslim actor took this responsibility
      Bahut duayen lagagi tumhe @ammir
      May u live for ever

      1. You got 3 dislikes for a comment which shows no hate! I liked it

        It's pathetic!

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        Celebration Period for AKKIANS n Mature Audience....

    2. How would u define khans now?

      Khan Duo (Aamir n Salman)
      Khan Trio/Trinity (Aamir, Salman n Srk)

      Hit like for Khan Duo n Dislike for Khan Trio
      Hurry now…....

      1. Akki rocked as Krishna in OMG n made it a Blockbuster......
        Akki should also play a pivotal role in Mahabharat....

        However it will be an ATBB...

      2. Will Akshay Kumar ever sail ahead of Ajay Devgn or will he always stay behind him like he has through out his career?

        1. Most Pathetic Joke ever......
          Ajay ahead of Akki????

          Kaunse planet me Ajay Akki se aage tha bhai....Jo Rohit ke bagair ek dolo hit bhi nahi de sakta......

          Pata nahin kahaan se aise log aajate hai....
          Pagla gaya hai ye banda...

          1. So even Akshay Kumar is not giving anything big without s patriotic angle!

            They are giving the audience what they they want! Plus ajay Devgn is the one who brought Rohit shetty to Bollywood so who does Rohit work for!

            Same way Shah Rukh Khan forced Karan johar to make kkhh and cast him so who does Karan work for!

            Just because Akshay doesn't have certain director he can stick to it does not mean that you blame others for it!

            Was Rohit always there for ajay Devgn in the past 25 years or so!

            1. This? was CLASS.
              I Came across a box office site where the Admin made a comment that....

              If you plant a seed? on a farm, the seed grows to a tree ?? with time with proper guidance and cautions it starts to produce ??fruits... If you that planted it don't eat it then why growing it first place?

              Summary of what you just stated.

      1. @Jeet so what?? Our bhabhi has made epic flop called Veer which was unofficial remake of Hollywood's epic movie Troy. And 60 cr club actor shahrukh gave a disaster called Ashoka.

    3. The best n most apt actor to play Duryodhan is one and only Ajay Devgan sir..... Karan role salman khan sir

      1. You can't be ajay devgn fan. You are a chameleon. How can you want ajay to play an evil ruthless and jealous character? You seriously need psychological treatment. Ajay should play Bharath's role the oldest ancestor of Hasthinapur who was fearless and daring. That role suits ajay the most.

        1. U have very low level iq...the strongest characters r always villian in epics ...like ravan in Ramayana n Duryodhan in Mahabharata....whole story will depend upon them......and only best actor can play such character..n thats ajay sir...

          1. ?? what's happening bro?? 2 recommendation for Ajay sir alone??? Am sure both shall be good... Though don't know much about those characters... But as a kid I loved watching the series that I remember vividly!!!

            1. If you"v watched Theri, Dangal, tamasha, small glimpse of Padmavati, Shivaay Jagga Jasoos, Bahubali 1&2 and Bajirao Mastani... We don't have to go abroad and pay stupendous money for the Vfx... Ajay sir Vfx studio Nywalla-Vfx will give the best price!! ✌? ?

            2. @temp...c bro that MH is acting like a kid...it's just I felt Ajay sir should do strongest role of all thats it...

              1. Oh okay... I get, whatever role he gets will definitely be a powerful role. Hope he gets the one you opt for.

  2. This will be very Risky Project..
    But I want a Aamir and Rajamauli for this project

    Rajamauli SOUTH INDIA sambhal lega aur Aamir REST OF INDIA,OVERSEAS AND CHINA
    Such me dono box office destroy karenge..

    1. @Parshya for a movie so huge you are looking at a budget of 100million dollars

      Therefore everyone should keep aside their differences and come together to make sure a trilogy so that they could show the West!

    2. I will love it to be handled by both SSR and SLB too. That would be quite a combo?.
      A minimum budget of $85 million will show a real statement of intent!

    3. Unfortunately rajamouli won't give chance to D grade actor like amir as for his Mahabharata, Krishna will be jr.ntr as he is only actor who can deliver dialogues of Krishna with calm personality

    4. Lolll rajamouli,prabhas thrashed amir in India,overseas in just 5 days.... rajamouli,prabhas box office destroy karenge.... rajamouli won't consider local star amir

  3. No no... Aamir sir.. Please do some other movies.. at least 2/3 more movies in the next 5 years after TOH & then start this long series...

    1. Hell be too old if he does 2-3 more movies before this! He needs to start ASAP!

      1. Hmm.. that's true.. but it is looking quite risky.. Anyway Aamir sir is always a trendsetter & hope he is going to be damn right again!

  4. they should have to make like avenger series,stand alone films and in the last bangggg....*MAHABHARAT*
    if it is true then i'm really very much intrested...

    1. I want it too. Mahabharta as a grand movie will shatter all records.
      I want Aamir's brilliant mind, Rajamouli's strong script and Bhansali's direction. I will be like 'lords of the ring' series of India.

  5. Mahabharat is the best story ever told. It has every single emotion of love, drama, revenge, jealousy, spiritual sentiments, karma etc.

    Only challenge is to do justice to such a vast topic and deliver . If there's one man who can be as committed as would be required for Mahabharat , it has to be Aamir Khan!!!

    Sad that we wont get to see him as often but it could well be worth it if he can pull it off.

    PS: The franchise has the potential to be amongst the biggest (if not the biggest) in world cinema......

      1. Its mythology. Hindus - like you and me it is true.

        Point being, the concept of Mahabharat pretty much covers everything about life.

        This one could be the most special thing happening to World Cinema!

  6. Casting

    Salman/Ajay/Dagubaati -Karna
    Bhim-Jhon Abraham/Sunny

      1. My dream casting:
        Bhishma: Ranjikanth
        Dritrashtra: Amitabh Bachchan
        Shakuni: Anupam Kher
        Krishna: Aamir
        Bheem: Prabhas
        Karna: Salman
        Arjun: Ranvir Singh
        Shikhandi: SRK
        Dronacharya: Sanjay Dutt

      1. @Amit LMAO i think your right to make this a memorable movie, you need damn serious actor not stardom!

    1. Amir can't act as Krishna...if he acts as Krishna total Mahabharata will be spoiled...so rajamouli kicked him out of his Mahabharata...
      So original cast will be
      Krishna-prabhas/jr.ntr/Vijay devarakonda
      Arjun-allu Arjun/Vikram
      Bheem-mohan lal
      Karna-hrithik Roshan/John abraham

  7. seems to be a good decision. all khans (m sure all will be there in the movie) will be around 60yrs old by the end of completion. can’t stay or look young forever (cgi can help). so start n finish asap. 2000crore budget n collection of 5000crore on the cards. ?

  8. The 3 parts should be like this

    Mahabharat-The beginning
    Mahabharat-The Drama
    Mahabharat-The War

  9. advait chandan shits big time.
    if he made it then it have less appeal not a commercial one.he will make it only multiplex movie urban. only concern is advait

  10. Everyone knows what a brilliant actor Aamir Khan is and there are multiple testimonies of the same in his past works.But this year, we also know why he is much more than just a phenomenal actor, he is a creative maverick.
    Late last year, he starred and produced a movie, Dangal, which told the story of Mahavir Singh Phogat, played by Aamir Khan, a wrestler who trains his daughters Geeta and Babita to be one of the first Indian female wrestlers competing internationally.
    The film, front lined by Aamir Khan, broke all box office records not just in India but also showed its magic in China.Then came his next film this year, Secret Superstar. It was a movie about the journey of a young girl who wanted to be a singer, her mother who wanted to support her but couldn’t because of her conservative father.
    Aamir Khan absolutely surprised us with a completely different avatar in this one too when he portrayed a kitsch music composer with a declining career, Shakti Kumarr. He played the character, opposite of his real self perfectly and garnered applause for it.
    However, unlike his previous film, this was a small budget film, not even front lined by the actor Khan.
    He just decided to pick this story, put together a team, a debutante director, Advait Chandan, one film old actress, Zaira Wasim (She played younger Geeta Phogat in Dangal), make a small budget film and empower it with his close involvement at every step which led to the cash registers ringing across the country.
    In fact Secret Superstar is one of the most profitable films of the year 2017. There were very few films this year that did good business and Secret Superstar is definitely in one of the top lists. Aamir Khan has recreated the magic of 2007 blockbuster hit Taare Zameen Par with Secret Superstar that struck chords with the audience.The film had one the most credible names in the industry, Aamir Khan strongly backing it. Over the years,Khan has earned the privilege of attracting cinema goers to buy tickets that bear his name.
    This clearly shows the immense creative power that Aamir Khan exhibits. When his name is attached to a film, there is a certain kind of expectation that audiences have. There is a high level of trust and confidence that there will be entertainment here.
    In fact, we even hear of audiences who only and only step out to watch an Aamir Khan film.

    That’s the magic of Aamir Khan!

  11. Bahubali type of fiction stories are better option i think.
    There ahould not be any cinema on holly books of any religion.

  12. Comment:hope news confirm ho but ammir sir me bola interview me bola ki movie 5 parts me hogi means approx 10 years lag jayege all parts aane me isse aacha pehle 2,3 aur movie kare ammir sir we want 1 movie per year with ammir sir ???

  13. @srk UK fan base pehle apna star ka chinta kar pulling samrat ka fucrey 2 bhi sirf 10 din me jhms ka collection cross kar dega ???

    1. I know fukrey 2 must be a good movie and JHMS was shit so it never worked!

      So why you trying to be funny? ?

  14. This was actually SRK's idea to make a trilogy based on mahabharat. He has been showing interest and speaking about this desire since 2001 but couldn't make it happen. Anyway, best of luck to Aamir for taking that idea seriously.

  15. Evn it's not yet confirmed... This piece of freaking news is enuf to give goosebumps to all movie fans...
    Hail the legend SIR AAMIR KHAN...!

  16. @srk and varun fan Base akki is miles ahead of ajay he possesses the consistency which ajay does not possess and with 2.0 all ajay films will be history you will see what is megastardom of khiladi kumar his niche genre movie earns 130 crores ok so imagine about a full on commercial entertainer where it will land and if you talk about masala genre than h3 was released on nonholiday ajay is yet to cross 100 crores without rohit so it's clear who is ahead who is consistent who is having more hits more superhits and who is at which position at box office all these barriers will go flying with 2.0 just wait and watch u better care about srk who hasn't delivered a clean hit since 2014 no 100 crore grosser on nonholiday let him give a clean hit than raise questions about megastar akshay kumar jhms ne to lashe bichadi thi distributors ki akki saved them he was the one who broke the jinx with tepk so don't worry akki was is and will always be ahead of ajay 1 commercial movie 2.0 and rest will be history

    1. Spot on Abhijeet bro????

      Even no top star can make a movie like Akki did n make it successful.......
      Coz Most top stars r following the path of Masala n commercial movies to make them successful.....
      It's ridiculous to compare Akki with other stars he is class apart....

  17. He has 2nd most no of 100 crore grossers he has most 100 crore grossers on nonholiday let ajay have a clean hit and a 100 crore grosser without rohit than we will discuss all these issues akki has delivered 100 crore grossers with different directors with heroines giving them their 1st 100 crore grosser he has been man of all seasons for the industry coming to the rescue of Bollywood so it's quiet clear who is ahead he is at 3rd place right now and he will consolidate from now on and reach new highs and 2.0 Hindi belts will tell people like u the true potential of akki but we don't need to prove anything he is Mr consistent akshay megastar kumar

    1. Yes but ajay Devgn has another 200cr plus movie coming singham franchise!

      That should be 2 200cr movies! It's applaudable for a star to give 3 100cr plus movies a year but 200cr is a level Akshay needs to touch

  18. Banao koi bhi but banna aisa chaiye ki India ka nam roshan Kare bcoz ye India ki historylogy he break the all records.....

  19. Hrithik is very fit for this role.... Amir has no height compared ti hrithik ... His jodha Akbar is a lesson to the khans

  20. to make mahabharat you need many big stars from the industry to play the roles of bhima, arjuna, karna, bhishma, drona etc. any character artist cannot play those roles as you need huge screen presence and popularity to carry those roles. will big stars of our industry sacrifice their all movies to work under aamir, that's the question.
    but i can assure one 14.69 crore opening jobless star is there to play the role of duryodhan. yes i am talking about srk, and i want him to play duryodhan. what about other srkians. don't you want srk to play villain?

    1. The movie will never get it's real value if these stars are not in the movie:

      Aamir Khan
      Shah Rukh Khan
      Amitabh Bachchan
      Ajay Devgn
      Hrithik Roshan
      Kamal Hassan
      Mahesh babu
      Allu Arjun

      Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar ate good choices but the actors above, the ones from Bollywood are better actors than Salman and Akshay!

      1. Don't know much about Allu Arjun but don't you ? That Ranveer Singh should also be added... I think he is up there in bracket 5-7 interms of ranking them acting wise plus some historical war genres Bjr mst, little glimpse of paadmavati too has shown he deserves to be with those Acting power houses above. He is still learning though but with his inclusion it can be a massive boost for his career too.. Yeah Mahesh babu is cool.

  21. @srk and vd UK fan Base he will achieve it with 2.0 Hindi versions and yes 2.0 that's what the point is akki is doing niche genre movies with collections of 130 crores so what would be impact of commercial cinema we all know that's why akki is a megastar and is not behind any actor and 2018 will show his megastardom with 2.0 Hindi belts collections will be insane

  22. And poor haters ho say it's a rajni movie tell 1 film which has crossed even 60 or 70 crores of rajni in Hindi belts answer is none so 2.0 collections in Hindi versions will mostly come due to akki he will drive north while rajni in South so stop crying poor haters and take a chill pill

      1. robot ka bhi budget 130 cr tha kya ukhad liya hindi me only 40 cr Rajnikanth has 0 stardom in hindi belt

        1. @utsav rajput
          but baad mai robot tv pai bahut chala tha,,, so recall value hoga
          akki is a megastar. lekin robot ka credit akki ko nahi milega.
          akki ne robot start karne ke baad 6 filmei karchuka hai. so uska kitna role hoga i doubt

          but yes keshari atbb hosakta hai...akki ka pehla atbb/hgoty blah blah

    1. whatever 2.0 will collect in hindi, will be only due to its franchise value coz robot was and still is a huge hit on television. Just accept the truth,bro!

  23. Hn ab jab ye arguement manliya ki rajni ka Hindi belts me stardom ni hai to naya bahana ki 2.0 isliye hit hogi kyoki tv or hit thi poor logic really rofl it will work due to akki MATLAB kuch bhi tv pe hit hai to theatre part 2 us reason se hit hogi poor haters find some new logic 2.0 will collect due to akki in Hindi versions it's clear now really fill pity on such lame excuses lol

  24. Ranveer as Arjun Hrithik as Karan Aamir as Krishna Big B as Bhisma Prabhas\Ajay as Bhima Rana as Duryodhona Akshay as Yudhirstir. And SK and SRK as Nakul and Sahadev. Please do not laugh Nakul and Sahadev also were intregal part of Mahabharata and as Aamir acting and due to Budget concerns SK and SRK can only do cameos.

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