Aamir Khan - The Greatest Superstar of All Time

Guest Article by Tharki Rancho:

Over a 100 years have gone by since Indian Cinema came into existence. We’ve seen an umpteen number of superstars who’ve graced the silver screen with their everlasting charm and magnificence. Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Shah Rukh Khan, Kamal Hassan, Rajnikant to name a few. They’ve given numerous hits, timeless classics in their hay days. But, there is one name that just stands out – AAMIR KHAN. The Perfectionist of Hindi Cinema. The pioneer of sensible, hard-hitting and most adored Indian films worldwide.

This article is not to degrade any other superstar that belongs to the Aamir Khan era, but to showcase why Aamir Khan is not just 2 steps, but 10 steps ahead of his compatriots not just at the ticket windows, but also in terms of filmmaking capabilities.

Aamir made his mainstream debut in 1988 with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. The film went on to become a Blockbuster at the Box Office and hence, Aamir became a household name. Next year came Raakh, an art film that didn’t do too well commercially but Aamir’s performance garnered unanimous applause from the National Film Award Jury.

Then came Dil, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander,  Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke, Rangeela, Sarfarosh, Raja Hindustani, Ghulam, Ishq in the 1990s that were not only huge commercial hits, but also garnered critical appraise from the industry and critics alike. Needless to say, Aamir also made a few mistakes in terms of script selection such as Tum Mere Ho, Jawani Zindabad, Deewana Mujhsa Nahi, Parampara etc. that didn’t give returns at the box office. Being the true virtuoso that he is, he learned from those mistakes and soon everything changed.

The best was yet to come from Aamir Khan. Under his own name, he started a production house Aamir Khan ProductionsThe first film under the banner was none other than Lagaan:Once Upon A Time In India. Everyone close to Aamir Khan asked him not to produce it and called it the gravest mistake of his career if he did so. The risk-taker that he is, Aamir went ahead with it, and the rest as they say, is history. The film became a huge hit at the box office, won numerous awards worldwide, none bigger than a nomination in the last 5 of the Academy Awards(Oscars). That same year came Dil Chahta Hai, a cult classic film on friendship and love that changed the dynamics of youth-centric films in India.

He took a 3 year sabbatical from silver screen post DCH due to personal anomalies.

In 2005, Aamir came up with a period drama Mangal Pandey.  The film garnered critical acclaim, broke all opening and weekend records in terms of money earned, almost entirely due to his presence, but ultimately flopped due to a higher than normal budget but still went onto be one of the biggest grossers of the year.

After MP, there’s been no looking back for Aamir. Critical acclaim, national awards, box office records, audience love and trust, worldwide popularity, he gained it all, way more than his current contemporaries namely Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

In versatility and dedication towards his craft, there is no adversary for Aamir Khan in the Indian film industry, except for maybe Kamal Hassan. From playing a village boy in Lagaan who speaks Awadhi to an urban high class guy in Dil Chahta Hai in the same year; from a teacher in Taare Zameen Par to a college student in 3 Idiots; from an alien in PK who speaks Bhojpuri to an old distressed fat as hell Haryanvi Jatt father of 2 grown up daughters, Aamir Khan has done it all, and he would repeat it all again if the script demands it.

Other stars were confined to their pram of typical genre. Aamir Khan attempted different stuff each time & came out with flying colours! He takes break when he desires, does offbeat films when he wants to, he goes commercial when his heart says- he’s his own person!

Also, who can forget the infamous blank cheque offered to him by YRF after 3 Idiots’ success for signing 3 films? At the peak of his career and stardom, Aamir rejected blatantly!

Aamir Khan is not just a role model, but an afflatus for younger generations to give it their all in whichever field they wish to succeed in. If one delves in, could write a thesis on how hard he worked for Dangal.

Call me Mr. Passionate, not Mr. Perfectionist“, he once said.

To keep it simple, we’ll highlight below some parameters that prove why AAMIR KHAN is the greatest Indian megastar ever ahead of his two major rivals – Salman and Shah Rukh. (Aamir has done only 40 films in a lead role. Extended cameos of all actors have been excluded)

Total films:

Aamir – 40

SRK – 57

Salman – 74



Last 5 Films Total Collection & Average:

Aamir Khan – 1322 crore (264.4cr per film)

Salman Khan – 1125 crore (225cr per film)

Shah Rukh Khan – 678 crore (135.6cr per film)


Lifetime Total Collections & Average: 

Aamir Khan – 1934 crore (48.34cr per film)

Salman Khan – 2867 crore (38.74cr per film)

Shah Rukh Khan – 2012 crore (35.29cr per film)


Success Ratio & Average Per Film Decade Wise 


Aamir Khan – ( Average per film 65cr ) (Success ratio  78℅)

Salman Khan- ( Average per film 18cr) (Succes ratio 31℅)

Shah Rukh Khan – ( Average per film 32cr)  (Success ratio 67%)


2010 – 2016 

Aamir Khan– (Avg/film 280cr) (Success ratio 100%)

Salman Khan- ( Avg/film 179cr) ( Succes ratio 91℅)

Shah Rukh Khan – ( Avg/film 137cr) ( Success ratio 89℅)


Some remarks:

  1. When SRK& Salman tried their hands to break their lover boy & masala hero images respectively with Ashoka, Paheli, Swades, Fan, Khamoshi,Kyun ki, London Dreams, MAMK, Jai Ho to name a few, their movies tumbled unceremoniously at the ticket window.
  2. The Prominent force behind Aamir‘s Success is his uncanny, and immaculate sense of script. His success ratio is higher than not only his contemporaries but also the legends of cinema like DilipKumar, Raj Kapoor, Amitabh Bacchhan & Rajesh
  3. Aamir’sNon-commercial/niche films are huge hits at Box-office for ex Sarfrosh, Rangeela, Ghulam, Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par & now DANGAL ( Biggest of Indian cinema infact). That’s why he is called the game changer of Indian Cinema & Legendary Filmmaker K.Balachandra called him Don Bradman of Indian cinema.



  1. Dangal (385 cr.) (expected)
  2. PK (338 cr.)
  3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan (315.2 cr.)
  4. Sultan (300cr.)
  5. Dhoom3 (274.5cr.)

AAMIR KHAN TOPS with 3 out of 5.



  1. Dangal(107.1cr)
  2. Sultan(105.35cr)
  3. Dhoom3(103.2)
  4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan(102.5cr)




  1. Sultan(208cr.)
  2. Dangal(197.6cr)
  3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan(184.6cr)
  4. Dhoom3(182.45cr)
  5. PK(181.45cr)



  1. Dangal(72.93cr)
  2. Bajrangi Bhaijaan(56.25cr)
  3. PK(54cr)




  1. Dangal (114.9cr)
  2. PK (96.4cr)
  3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan (84 cr)
  4. Dhoom3 (75 cr)
  5. 3 Idiots (56 cr)

AAMIR KHAN TOPS with 4 out of 5.



  1. Dangal (31cr)
  2. PK (26.85r)
  3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan (20cr)
  4. 3 Idiots (18cr)




  1. Dangal (47cr)
  2. PK (41.8cr)
  3. 3 Idiots (30cr)
  4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan (28cr)



**Top India 4th, 5th Weekend and Week Records also belong to Aamir Khan with Dangal and PK.



Aamir Khan- 5 (Mangal Pandey, Fanaa, Ghajini, 3 Idiots, Dhoom:3)

Salman Khan – 4 (Dabangg, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, PRDP)

Shah Rukh Khan – 3 (Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Main Hoon Naa, Happy New Year)


Important points:

  1. 4 out of 5 record openers of Aamir Khan were on complete Non Holiday- MP, Fanaa, Ghajini, Dhoom3
  2. Fanaa took an all time record opening despite facing a ban in a huge state like Gujarat.
  3. Salman Khan’s all record openers have come post 2010 and all have been National Holidays – EID/Post Diwali.
  4. Except for Main Hoon Na, all SRK record openers in this century have been holiday releases.
  5. Dhoom3 & DANGAL hold the record for highest non-holiday openers.
  6. As per BOI, Dhoom3 is the biggest opener of this decade in terms of real value.



Aamir Khan- 4 (3 Idiots, Dhoom3, PK, Dangal)

Salman Khan – 3 (Kick, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan)

Shah Rukh Khan – 1 (Chennai Express)




Aamir Khan – 2 (PK, Dangal)

Salman Khan – 2 (Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan)

Shah Rukh Khan – NIL



Important Points:

  1. Aamir Khan is the only one to give  200 & 250 crore domestic grossers thrice, that too in a row.
  2. Aamir Khan is the only actor to give back to back 300 crore nett grossers. Salman failed to cross 200 with PRDP despite a solo Diwali release having a 4-day weekend.



Salman Khan – 9 in 74

Aamir Khan – 7 in 40

Shah Rukh Khan – 5 in 57



  1. Since 1989, Aamir has not had a release in 6 years.
  2. In the last 9 years, Aamir edges out Salman 5-4 in giving HGOTY.
  3. In the last 9 years, Salman hasn’t been able to give HGOTY whenever Aamir releases his film, barring 2012.
  4. To sum up the debate on how Aamir leads the other two Khans since the beginning, refer to the pictures below:



Aamir Khan – 5 (Raja Hindustani, 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3, PK, Dangal)

Salman Khan – 3 (Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Bajrangi Bhaijaan)

Shah Rukh Khan – 2 (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)



ALL TIME GROSSERS(Most strenuous record to deliver) 

Aamir Khan – 5

  1. Ghajini
  2. 3 Idiots
  3. Dhoom3
  4. PK
  5. Dangal

Shah Rukh Khan – 1 (Chennai Express)

Hrithik Roshan – 1 (Dhoom:2)

Salman Khan – 1 (Hum Aapke Hain Kaun)


  1. Aamir Khan the only actor to give 3 back to back ATBBs and ATGs. Thus record won’t be broken, ever.
  2. Aamir Khan has delivered 5 All Time Grossers in the last 8 years which is simply remarkable.
  3. In the last 6 films of Aamir Khan, 5 have been ATBBs and ATGs together.
  4. Shah Rukh Khan delivered an All Time Grosser on Eid, 2013 but the record stayed only for 3 months.
  5. Salman Khan hasn’t delivered an All Time Grosser in this century, infact for the last 23 years!


3 crore + Domestic Footfalls

Aamir Khan- 5 (Dangal, PK, Dhoom3 [including dubbed version], 3 Idiots, Raja Hindustani)

Salman Khan – 4 (Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan)

Shah Rukh Khan- 3 (DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham)



Aamir Khan: 2 (Dangal, 3 Idiots)

Salman Khan: 2 (Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun)

Shah Rukh Khan : NIL



Aamir Khan: 2 (Dangal, 3 Idiots)

Salman Khan: 1 (Hum Aapke Hain Kaun)

Shah Rukh Khan : NIL



Aamir Khan – 1025 crore

Salman Khan – 827 crore

Shah Rukh Khan – 525 crore



  1. Mumbai – PK,DANGAL
  2. Delhi/UP – Dangal, BB, PK
  3. East Punjab – DANGAL, PK
  4. West Bengal – PK,DANGAL 
  5. Mysore- DANGAL, PK
  6. Nizam/Andhra – PK, Dangal
  7. Rajasthan – Dangal, Sultan
  8. CI – Dangal, PK
  9. TN/ Kerala – Dangal, PK



Except for Andaz Apna Apna, Aamir Khan has scored well in almost all clashes.

  1. DIL vs Ghayal (Dil-Blockbuster)
  2. Raja Hindustani vs Ghatak (RH-ATBB)
  3. Lagaan vs Gadar (Lagaan-Super Hit)
  4. Taare Zameen Par vs Welcome (TZP-Super Hit)


IMPORTANT and UNIQUE Records of AAMIR KHAN at Domestic Box Office:

  1. Founding Father of 100 crore club with Ghajini.
  2. Founding Father of 150 and 200 crore club with 3 Idiots.
  3. Founding Father of 250 crore club with Dhoom 3.
  4. Founding Father of 300 Crore Club with PK.
  5. Founding Father of 350 and 400* crore club with Dangal.
  6. 3 Back to back All Time Grossers- Dangal, PK, Dhoom3.
  7. Top 2 distributor shares ever – Dangal(190cr.) and PK(165 cr.)
  8. Only actor to score 100 crore+ in a single circuit in India, twice – Mumbai(PK-104cr) and (Dangal-110cr)
  9. Only actor to collect ₹100cr+ in the 2nd week.
  10. Only actor to collect ₹50cr+ in the 3rd week.
  11. Only actor to generate more than ₹100 crore online ticket sales, that too twice – Dangal and PK(as reported by BookMyShow)
  12. When Aamir Khan crossed ₹200 crore with 3 Idiots, no other actor had crossed even ₹100 crore domestically.
  13. 3 idiots 2nd week was higher than any other movie of that time 1st week(including Ghajini),  the record that will stand forever.
  14. Tamil Nadu/ Kerala is the only circuit in India where all top 3 movies belong to the same actor – Aamir khan.
  15. 3 Idiots first film to nett ₹100 crore in Multiplexes.
  16. PK first film to nett ₹200 crore in Multiplexes.
  17. Dhoom3 first film to nett ₹100 crore in Single Screens.
  18. Only actor to create new records on Christmas. Salman and SRK tried but failed miserably in 2011 and 2012 with Don 2 and Dabangg 2 respectively.
  19. Since inception of ₹100 crore club, Aamir has missed out only once(Talaash). Salman has missed out 4 times, SRK 2 times.
  20. Since inception of ₹200 crore club, Aamir has missed out only once (Talaash). Salman missed out 10 times, SRK 9 times.



Aamir Khan – 10

Shah Rukh Khan – 20

Salman Khan – 32



  1. Aamir Khan has the least number of flops among all actors ever in the history of Indian Cinema.
  2. Salman Khan has more flops post 2000 than Aamir Khan has done films.
  3. Aamir Khan’s flop per number of films ratio is the least.
  4. Salman Khan’s last flop came in 2010. SRK’s last flop came in 2016. Aamir’s last flop was in 2005.



Note 1: Since lifetime overseas collections isn’t available, we’ll be comparing Overseas performance based on the last 5 and 10 films of these actors respectively.

Note 2: We haven’t considered Salman Khan’s Overseas performance for last 10 films as it is very poor to say the least, not even remotely comparable to Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan.

Last 5 Films Total Collection & Average:

Aamir Khan – $148M ($29.8M per film)

Salman Khan -$82M ($16.4M per film)

Shah Rukh Khan – $75M ($15M per film)

(Infact, Aamir’s last 5 films in Overseas > SRK and Salman’s  last 10 films in Overseas)



  1. PK ($47.2M/₹305 Crore)
  2. Dhoom:3 ($31M/₹213 Crore)
  3. Dangal ($30M/₹205 Crore)
  4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan ($29M/₹193 Crore)
  5. Dilwale ($26.6M/₹181 Crore)
  6. 3Idiots ( $25.6M/₹174 Crore)

AAMIR KHAN TOPS  with 4 out of 6


Average Per Film Decade Wise in Overseas 


Aamir Khan – 28 CR

Salman Khan-  7 cr

Shah Rukh Khan – 19 cr


2010 – 2016 

Aamir Khan– 184 cr

Salman Khan-  73 cr

Shah Rukh Khan – 95 cr


Biggest Overseas Grossers Territory Wise In an Order:

  1. North America- Dangal, PK, BB, Dhoom3 ( PK & DANGAL $10+M )
  2. Australia – Dangal, PK, Dhoom3
  3. UAE -DANGAL, Bajrangi Bhaijaan
  4. New Zealand -Dangal, Sultan,PRDP, PK
  5. UK- Dhoom3, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, MNIK , DANGAL, PK
  6. China – PK, Dhoom3, 3 Idiots
  7. Hong Kong – PK, 3 Idiots
  8. Japan –  3 Idiots, PK , Dhoom3
  9. Pakistan – Sultan, Dhoom3 , Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PK
  10. Korea – 3 Idiots, PK


Aamir Khan tops with most films in 9 out of 10 major territories.
To highlight his sheer domination, check below:

IMPORTANT and UNIQUE Records of AAMIR KHAN at Overseas Box Office:

  1. Founding Father of $15M, $20M, $25M, $30M, $35M, $40M, $45M clubs. ( 50,100,150,200,250 & 300cr Overseas)
  2. Only Indian actor to give 8 $1M+ single days in USA-Canada, while the rest of Bollywood – 2.
  3. First Indian actor to cross ₹200, ₹250 and ₹300 crore mark at the Overseas Box Office.
  4. Highest ever collections from a single overseas territory – PK (China- $20M)
  5. Record of 3 consecutive $20M, $25M and $30M grossers in Overseas(Dangal, PK, Dhoom3)
  6. Only Indian actor to cross $10M mark at North American Box Office, that too twice- Dangal and PK.
  7. Dangal will become the highest Phase 1 earner ever in Overseas beating Bajrangi Bhaijaan despite having no release in Pakistan.
  8. Fastest to 1000 crore in Overseas.
  9. Talaash, a non holiday release in November grossed more in Overseas($9M) than Dabangg 2($8.2M) on Christmas.
  10. Talaash in Overseas on a non holiday had a bigger opening weekend($4.8M)  than Diwali,  Christmas & EID releases JTHJ($4.6M), Dabangg2($3.9M) & Ek Tha Tiger($3.5M) respectively.
  11. Dhoom3 was the first film to cross $10M in Overseas in the first Weekend.
  12. Despite Chennai Express having an Eid weekend in Pakistan, it collected only ₹10cr. Dhoom3 came on a non holiday same year and earned 2.5x more than CE, approx. ₹25cr.
  13. Highest grossing foreign movies at USA box office, MW aside Aamir is the only indian actor with 4 movies in top 50
  14. Last but the not the least, it won’t be an overstatement to say that Aamir’s fan following in China alone is way more than Salman Khan’s total Overseas following.


Worldwide Highest Box Office Grossers:

  1. PK
  2. Dangal
  3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan
  4. Sultan
  5. Dhoom 3
  6. Chennai Express
  7. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
  8. 3 Idiots
  9. Dilwale
  10. Happy New Year

Aamir Khan tops with 4 films

WORLDWIDE SIMULTANEOUS ALL TIME GROSSERS (Films that became ATG in India, Overseas and Worldwide together)

Aamir Khan – 3 (3 Idiots, PK, Dhoom3)

Salman Khan – 1(Hum Aapke Hain Kaun)

Shah Rukh Khan – NIL


The records above are a testament that Aamir Khan has not only been reigning over this decade, but has been at par or a touch above both his rivals at the box office since the inception of their careers. Infact right now, Aamir Khan commands control over 75% of box office records that exist.

Now, let us look at why Aamir Khan is not just a megastar at Box Office, but as a filmmaker, way ahead of rest of those prevailing in Indian Cinema, currently.

You’d be surprised to look at how most directors of Hindi Cinema have given their best film when Aamir Khan has been the actor. Check this out below:

  1. Nitesh Tiwari’s best film – DANGAL
  2. Rajkumar Hirani’s best film – 3 IDIOTS
  3. Reema Kagti’s best film – TALAASH
  4. AR Murugadoss’ best film – GHAJINI
  5. Kunal Kohli’s best film – FANAA
  6. Rakeysh Mehra’s best film – RANGDE  BASANTI
  7. Farhan Akhtar’s best film – DIL CHAHTAHAI
  8. Ashutosh Gowariker’s best film – LAGAAN
  9. John Mathew’s best film – SARFAROSH
  10. Deepa Mehta’s best film – 1947EARTH
  11. Vikram Bhatt’s best film – GHULAM
  12. Dharmesh Darshan’s best film – RAJA HINDUSTANI
  13. Rajkumar Santoshi’s best film – ANDAZ APNA  APNA
  14. Mansoor Khan’s best film – JO JEETA WOHI  SIKANDER

More than 14 Directors of Hindi Cinema have given their greatest directorial venture with Aamir Khan. Is this a coincidence? We think not. 



Aamir Khan:

  1. 1947 Earth
  2. Lagaan(Made it to top 5 of Best Foreign Films)
  3. Rang De Basanti (Top5 Nomination at Britsh Academy’s Film & Television Awards-BAFTA)
  4. Taare Zameen Par
  5. Peepli Live  (Producer)
  6. Dangal**

Shah Rukh Khan – Devdas

Salman Khan – Nil


Need more proof of the genius of Aamir Khan at work, now? Fine, let’s go ahead.


Aamir Khan:

  1. QSQT (Best Popular Film)
  2. Raakh (Special Jury Award)
  3. 1947Earth (Best Film on National Integration)
  4. Sarfarosh (Best Popular Film)
  5. Lagaan (Best Popular Film)
  6. DilChahta Hai (Best Regional Film)
  7. TaareZameen Par (Best Film on Family Welfare)
  8. RangDe Basanti (Best Popular Film)
  9. 3Idiots (Best Popular Film)
  10. Dangal**

Shah Rukh Khan:

  1. Darr (Best Popular Film)
  2. DDLJ (Best Popular Film)
  3. Dil Toh Pagal Hai (Best Popular Film)
  4. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Best Popular Film)
  5. Devdas (Best Popular Film)
  6. VeerZaara (Best Popular Film)
  7. Chak De India (Best Popular Film)

Salman Khan:

  1. HumAapke Hain Kaun (Best Popular Film)
  2. Dabangg (Best Popular Film)
  3. BajrangiBhaijaan (Best Popular Film)

Aamir’s a genius, ain’t he? Let’s go further.

We all know Imdb.com is the world’s largest and most popular Internet movie database. The reviews and ratings posted there are by and large genuine. Also, they have a list of 250 of the best films of the world, all stacked up together.

From India, so far 17 films have made it to the list, out of which 8 feature AAMIR KHAN. The list is as shown below with the number at which they feature:

  • DANGAL #64
  • 3 IDIOTS #103
  • LAGAAN #240
  • PK #246

Yes, the list keeps pushing films in and out, but Aamir Khan films are a constant feature of the IMDB Top 250. Know why? Because they are just too good.

In comparison, films of other actors that have made the list are:

Shah Rukh Khan: Swades, Chak De! India, My Name Is Khan.

Salman Khan: Andaz Apna Apna(features Aamir too)

Need more proof of how Aamir Khan just simply is the greatest film-maker and actor of all time? Let’s dig a little deeper. 

FILMS with 8Ratings on IMDb

Aamir Khan

  1. Dangal(9.2)
  2. PK(8.2)
  3. 3 Idiots(8.4)
  4. Taare Zameen Par(8.5)
  5. Rang De Basanti(8.4)
  6. Dil Chahta Hai(8.2)
  7. Lagaan(8.2)
  8. Sarfarosh(8.3)
  9. Andaz Apna Apna(8.5)
  10. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander(8.1)

Shah Rukh Khan 

  1. My Name Is Khan(8.0)
  2. Chak De! India(8.4)
  3. Swades(8.3)
  4. Kal Ho Naa Ho(8.0)
  5. Hey Ram(8.0)
  6. DDLJ(8.2)
  7. Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa(8.1)

Salman Khan

  1. Bajrangi Bhaijaan(8.1)
  2. Andaz Apna Apna(8.5)


  1. Aamir Khan has done the least number of films, yet has more 8+ rated films than any Indian actor ever.
  2. Dangal is the highest rated Indian film ever on IMDb(minimum 10K votes)
  3. Salman Khan has done the most number of films but has least 8+ films.
  4. Akshay Kumar has more 8+ films than Salman Khan, though he isn’t a part of this comparison.

Delving a little into the respect Aamir Khan has earned over his two rivals:

PADMA SHRI (4th highest civilian honor of India) 

  1. Aamir Khan was the youngest ever to get it in 2003. 
  2. Shah Rukh Khan got it after Aamir Khan in 2005.
  3. Salman Khan yet to receive it. 

PADMA BHUSHAN (3rd highest civilian honor of India after Bharat Ratna and Padma Vibhushan) 

  1. Aamir Khan got it in 2010.
  2. SRK yet to receive it. 
  3. Salman Khan hasn’t received Padma Shri, so let’s forget this one. 

Hence Proved, Genius thy name Aamir Hussain Khan! 


An actor earns name, fame and respect through his work. While most other actors haved hired a PR team that looks after what kind of news the actor is in, how long is he in it, Aamir chose a different path. He let his work do the talking.

Here are some points that show why Aamir Khan is not only the most popular, but also the most influential Indian actor of all time:

  1. In March 2001, he was ranked as the 3rd Most Powerful Indian Film Star by Forbes.
  2. In December 2001, he was named “Man of the Year” by Bombay Times.
  3. In 2002, he was a member of the jury of the Locarno film festival.
  4. In April 2008, he received a “Special Award” from Master Dinanath MangeshkarSmruti Pratisthan for his services to Indian cinema.[30]
  5. In January 2009, he received “Indian of The Year in Cinema” Award by NDTV
  6. In January 2009, he received the “Indian of the Year in Entertainment” Award from CNN-IBN.
  7. In May 2009, he received “Raj Kapoor Smriti Vishesh Gaurav Puraskar” by the Government of Maharashtra for outstanding contribution to the Indian cinema.
  8. In August 2012, he featured on the cover page of the TIME.
  9. In April 2013, he was among TIMEmagazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World List.
  10. Face of Govt of India’s initiative of INCREDIBLE INDIA for 10 years in a row. Tourism industry got a boost of 12% on an average per year from 2006-2015.
  11. Aamir Khan is the only actor to be appointed Visiting Faculty at prestigious LBSNAA & IIM-A.
  12. IMDb Vote Count: The top 5 most voted Indian films on IMDb are all Aamir Khan films. 3 Idiots(225K votes) PK(94K votes) Taare Zameen Par(88K votes) Rang De Basanti (77K votes) Lagaan(76K votes) Aamir Khan films are the only films that have made it to the top 15 of the most popular films worldwide – PK in 2014 and Dangal in 2016.
  13. Totalvotes of 3 Idiots on IMDb are higher than total votes of 68% Hollywood films listed on the website. Salman Khan films total votes on IMDb: 232K || 3 Idiots alone: 225KDangal crossed total votes of Sultan(6 months) on IMDb in just 15 days.


SATYAMEV JAYATE- A social revolution 

Who isn’t aware about SMJ? A social drama hosted by Aamir Khan, produced by AKP is one of the most successful TV shows of all time in India. It was aired on 12 channels at the same time, and generated record TRPS, way more than shows like BiggBoss or KBC ever generated.

The show was lauded by International Media across continents, with Aamir getting accolades for being a visionary and a social worker of the highest order.


A production house that has a 100% success ratio in terms of quality and box office. Even art house films like Dhobi Ghat and Peepli Live became Above Average and Hit respectively because of just one name Aamir Khan.

To show the crowd pulling capacity of the brand AAMIR KHAN, check the below facts:

  • AKP’s Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Naa starring 5 debut actors, including Imran Khan and Genelia D’Souza scored more on Opening Day, Weekend and Lifetime than Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer Yuvvraaaj in 2008, despite releasing on almost half screens. Combined Nett gross of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa was double to that of Salman Khan’s 2 releases in 2008. 
  • An unknown small film with no face value, Peepli Live released on 500 screens and became a hit at box office. Also, became India’s official entry to Oscars in 2011.
  • Aamir’s first directorial, Taare Zameen Par, led by child actor Darsheel Safary became Super Hit at Box Office.
  • Delhi Belly, an adult film with explicit content featuring Imran Khan became a huge box office hit.  Production house that has given back to back classics to Indian Cinema, not just once, but 7 times.



This year, a film released that had:

  1. No known lead actress
  2. No brand/Franchise
  3. No known director.
  4. No Chartbuster/Item Songs
  5. No known Supporting Actor
  6. No commercial elements

In addition to that:

  1. Rampant effect of demonitization at smaller centres.
  2. Old graying fat hero.
  3. Boycott campaign by a fringe group.
  4. No promotion on Television or City Tours.
  5. No extra benefit of Holidays as Christmas and New Year fell on Sunday.
  6. Loss of novelty as a wrestling film had already released 6 months back.

Just one name  AAMIR KHAN


  1. An almost ₹30 crore opening(2nd highest non holiday opening ever)
  2. Biggest 1st Weekend Ever.
  3. Highest Single Day in the history of Hindi Cinema.
  4. Fastest to 300 crore club(13 days)
  5. All Time Blockbuster.
  6. All Time Grosser.
  7. Most watched film in theatres in the last 15 years.
  8. Could cross 4 crore Footfalls including the regional version.


Now, let us compare this to Sultan that had a leading 300 crore club actress, YRF Brand, Chartbuster Songs, a director who has given hits with Imran Khan and Arjun Kapoor and most importantly, a 5 Day Weekend with 1 partial and 1 national holiday, and certainly no demonitization hangover. End Total = ₹300 crore in 35 days. 

AAMIR KHAN alone = ₹360 crore in 21 days and counting. 

This is whom you call a damn CROWD PULLER! THE BIGGEST IN INDIA!

The above records, the fan following, the respect, the trust and the social aspects of being a concerned Indian citizen, point only to one fact AAMIR KHAN IS THE GREATEST INDIAN MEGASTAR EVER. AND A GENIUSPeriod.

Also, we’ve always stressed that Aamir Khan is Aamir Khan’s competition. Rest of the actors just battle among themselves for that 2nd position. In other words, #1 is temporary and replaceable in years to come but Aamir Khan’s legacy is permanent and irreplaceable.

All the box office data, figures and stats have been taken from Box Office India.

The article has been written by Tharki Rancho who is an Aamir Khan admirer from Delhi. You can follow him on Twitter https://twitter.com/Tharki_Rancho.

You can also check out the other two fan articles about Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan here.

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If you want to write for us, send your articles on [email protected]

86 comments on “Aamir Khan - The Greatest Superstar of All Time”

  1. Megastar Aamir Khan Rules only at box office and IMDB.
    Dangal coming soon in top 250 movies at IMDB.
    Only 33 votes are less for completing 25k votes after that sure it will be in TOP 100 movies at IMDB.
    It's my guess as la la land movie also came in top 100 after rating of 8.8.

    1. Congrats guys,my prediction was right.
      Dangal is now on 100th position in top 250 movies at IMDB.

  2. Bollywood's Box office records are neither created nor broken; rather, it is transferred from one Aamir khan movie to another.

      1. All bakwas...Amir always 3seera khan...this moron changing the facts...

        Aamir’sNon-commercial/niche films are huge hits at Box-office for ex Sarfrosh, Rangeela, Ghulam, Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par & now DANGAL ( Biggest of Indian cinema infact). That’s why he is called the game changer of Indian Cinema & Legendary Filmmaker K.Balachandra called him Don Bradman of Indian cinema.

        he is totally stupid calling those film niche i means Rangeela urmila matondar bold avtar…..hahhaah means this article is not authentic….Bakwas keep this article in your pocket…

    1. Retirement le jao bhai Ab bat nahi chal raha hai, commentary karo matlab baap ya bhai ka role

  3. Complete article. Salman khan fans and SrK fans might not agree but Aamir is the real blockbuster khan of all time. His movies are not just inspirations but they are relastic too. Talking about box office, the records are bound to be broken. King khan would be Aamir khan any time.. Great article !

    1. No need for King Khan tittle 👎🏼
      Aamir is a Bollywood King 👑👍🏼 the best of the best 👍🏻

  4. Kehna kya chahte ho Aamir sabse bada star maan liya khus All salman Fans go and search other sites this place is not for you

  5. The biggest megastar of Indian cinema.. Love you Aamir.. The record maker of bollywood..


  6. "Aamir’s fan following in China alone is way more than Salman Khan’s total Overseas following"
    Lath Gaad Diya @tharki bhai

  7. Recreating Kaabil Dialogue
    'Shuruwat Bhai Fans ne ki
    Tamasha Aamir Haters ne Dekha
    Khatam Ham Karenge'
    (Infact kar diya)

  8. This is the most authentic, well researched & complete article..great work..no doubt Aamir Khan is in a league of his own.

  9. Finally published. Thank You Arena team. Although you missed out on a lot of things, but gratitude to you.

    1. Well job done by you tharki rancho...
      Love you...
      Inspire all generations towards aamir khan...
      Who remains always to ground...
      Best social worker and better then best contemporaries...
      The new mega star for all Indians...

  10. The above records, the fan following, the respect, the trust and the social aspects of being a concerned Indian citizen, point only to one fact AAMIR KHAN IS THE GREATEST INDIAN MEGASTAR EVER. AND A GENIUS. Period.

    Also, we’ve always stressed that Aamir Khan is Aamir Khan’s competition. Rest of the actors just battle among themselves for that 2nd position. In other words, #1 is temporary and replaceable in years to come but Aamir Khan’s legacy is permanent and irreplaceable.

  11. Year Wide Comparison

    Aamir - 14

    Sallu - 6

    Aamir way ahead..

    Top 6 Overseas

    PK - 48m$
    D3 - 31m$
    DANGAL -30m$
    BB - 28m$
    Dilwale - 26m$
    3i - 25m$

    Aamir again way ahead


    PK - 800cr
    DANGAL 750cr
    Dhoom3 - 580cr

    Again Aamir Khan Rules

  12. i want to know what is the legacy of salman khan.
    nothing absolutely nothing.
    even rajendra kumar was a big BO phenomenon of his time but who remembers him now,no one absolutely no one.
    and if u ask me honestly sallu wld be having a legacy worse than rajendra kumar as RK had more memorable movies than SK.

  13. great article...
    tnx tharki rancho for your great article and very true information as well as bollyarena...
    aamir khan is the king of bollywood of all time bcz here does analized step by step very clearly with true information as well as proveness..
    i hope after read this article nobody has doubt who is the king of bollywood...
    bollyarena now you will declare aamir is the king of bollywood..
    most intersteing part is salman and srk is not able to compare with aamir khan after read this articles true information literally says it....
    again tnx for great article...
    salute aamir...

  14. one more bakwaas article, undoubtedly

  15. Aamir with Dangal has shown what he is capable of without Hirani, Franchise, High promotion, Big heroines, Item numbers. Crisp Content, Acting & Screnplay from all the actors. Aamir > SRK & Salman

  16. What an article!!
    I am Salman fan- but had no idea about Aamir khan achievements. He is truly a mega superstar. From Today I will use Aamir name with Respect

  17. What an amazing article ! This is true. Aamir is thought not a superstar. Superstardom fades away. Aamir is a LEGEND and a MEGASTAR. His Legacy is permanent.

  18. @Tharki_Rancho
    What a article bro..hats off for ur research.mei thak gaya padhte padhte
    What a achievment by A Megastar Aamir.tumne to haters ki jalake rakh kar di bro..i cant say in words how much i like this article.
    Thank u so much bro....

  19. This is sheer dominance from Aamir Khan ! The undisputed king of box office ! The MEGASTAR !

  20. Yes it is right to say that srk needs to do good movies because he has only two 20cr club movie and 0 300cr movie....
    Hope its raees will be 3rd 200cr

  21. i m biggest fan of aamir khan

    i have even watched love love love,baazi,mela,mann etc..

    For me .andaz apna apna is his best performance

  22. Agree. We have already accepted. Salman is nothing infront of Aamir Khan. Best Article

  23. An Eye Opening Experience. Great Article. Amazing Facts. Proud to be your fan Aamir. No one can Replace you Ever

  24. Aamir must be so proud of you Tharki rancho. You have shown me a Mirror. I really got a Reality Check. So sorry for my Abusive Language bro. May God bless u. Aamir Khan is the Best

  25. Salute to Aamir Khan & Salute to the writer of this Article. You will always be remembered Aamir Khan. The more we Praise you ... the more we are in your debt. You changed the entire scenario of Indian Cinema. You are the biggest star for me in the World. Thanks to @tharki_rancho for this piece of classic art.

  26. This article will make parshya's day great article just one thing I don't agree with rajkumar santoshis best film 1 ghayal 2 damini 3 andaz apna apna 4 ghatak 5 china gate 6 Ajab prem p.s the only version of bhgat singh I liked was rdb.

  27. fake article just overrated
    real suceed boxoffice overseas india 90
    salman govinda
    hrithik roshan
    akshay kumar

  28. This is a Fan Article and i respect the fan views. But one thing the article missed is the fact that Aamir has been more strategic in his choice and release patterns. He lost the boxoffice battle in 2001 to Gadar but Lagaan is still talked about and Cherished. He lost the BO Battle to Welcome in 2007 but TzP got him into the multiplex audience psyche and film went onto become Super Hit. He built on that platform, he went to leverage the ever inceasing middle class to take over Multiplex and then also do considerable business in single screens with Ghajini, D3 and now Dangal.

  29. Well, i am a fan of Shahrukh but i also like watching aamir and salman.....what i really admire about aamir is that he has gained the trust of audience ...his movie comes after round about two years nd people are like 'aamir ki pictur a rae ha kharab ho e nae skti ..boht maza aaye ga' etc and yes aamir's movies do not fail people's expectations and therefore earn more than any movie.......salman is not much of an actor but still he has got his own charm and it feels gd to watch him, he may not have given the best films but they are entertaining for sure nd are turn out to be blockbusters.....acting wise i feel that none of the khans have more potential than shahrukh khan but from last five years he has not been doing gd mvies and as a reslt has unable to achieve gd nmbers at box office, but let's see picture abi baki ha.

  30. Third class Article. Only use earning figures to show Aamir Khan powerful actor. He is best in times but not best of all. If any one to say biggest Actor than it is only one none other than AMITABH BACHAN. no one near to him in acting, class and powerful. So stop all this crap articles to show baseless observations.

  31. @ tharki rancho - kudos to you for writing such an elaborate article. Shows your hardwork, research and passion.

    The only thing you could improve is to delete THARKI from your name.....lol.....afterall this is a bollywood site and you're a bollywood Aamir Fan.......!!!! ;)

    Aamir is truly one of a kind. Leave aside bollywood, people like Aamir are rare in real life too. The amazing part is how does he do it EVERY TIME!! For a man to disappear for years (2-3) years working on a single film is do damm RISKY, but this guy is REMARKABLE to say the least.

    When Vinod Chopra and Hirani had approached Aamir for 3I, they had specified that he was apt for the role of Rancho as he comes closest to the character of Rancho in real.

    Chase Excellence, Success will follow. Success to jhak maar ke peeche aayegi.........

  32. Super article, Aamir Khan is by far the best thing happened to Bollywood, the bestest

  33. Confusion:-

    Aamir's last 10 movies Overseas Collection (Except Dangal As its still running)
    1. Pk- $47M
    2. Dhoom3- $31M
    3. Taalash- $8.9M
    4. Dhobi Ghat- $1.5M
    5. 3Idiots- $26M
    6. Ghajni- $7.7M
    7. TZP- $3.3M
    8. Fanaa $5.1M
    9. RDB- $7M
    1o. Mangal Pandey- $1.5M
    So, Total= $139M

    Now, Last 5 movies- (with Dangal)= 28M*+47M+23M+8.9M+1.5= $108.4M* !!!
    Now, Last 5 movies (including Dangal but Excluding Dhobi ghat)= 28*+47+23+8.9+26=132cr* !!!

    But According to this article last 5 movies= $148M... how come??

    1. 8. Fanaa- $7M
      9. RDB- $5.1M
      10. Mangal Pandey- $2.9M

      So, total- $140.4M (excluding-Dangal)

      Now, Last 5 movies- (with Dangal)= 28M*+47M+31M+8.9M+1.5= $116.4M* !!!
      Now, Last 5 movies (including Dangal but Excluding Dhobi ghat)= 28*+47+31+8.9+26=140.9cr* !!!

  34. @tubelight it's 143M$ Actually AFTER PHASE1.May be rancho has added 5m$ for phase2.
    D3 did 31m$ but u r taking it as 23m$
    30(dangalv expected after phase1)+47+31+26+9=142m$

  35. salman khan's 8 films in last 10 films is bolckbuster or alltime blockbuster
    1)Dabbang All time blockbuster
    2)ready blockbuster
    3)dabbang2 All time blockbuster
    4)ETT All time blockbuster
    5)kick All time blockbuster
    6)bajrangi bhaijan All time blockbuster
    7)sultan All time blockbuster
    8)Bodyguard Blockbuster
    and one thing is that PRDP india collection is 210 cror

  36. Thanx tharki rancho for this amazing article
    Aamir is not superstar like srk n sallu, he is D God Of Indian Cinema cuz every time he does miracles(giving ATGs). Only God can do this type of miracle.

  37. Aamir khan taking anybody like Amitabh Bachchan or other Khans is a joke in itself. Dangal is his 14th hit in the career span of 27 years which isn’t enough achievement to put somebody in the league of Bachchan. Yes, he has delivered 3 all time grossers in last few years but that is like Sehwag having three triple centuries and Sachin having none. By this logic Sehwag should be ahead of Sachin but its not like that. He can’t compete even with Akshay Kumar if volume of hits is taken into consideration. For this he himself is responsible by doing less films. But quality wise one can agree that nobody comes close to Aamir...whatsoever. nevertheless a good read from a "FANBOY" article !!

  38. I am one of Aamir khan's chinese fan.To be honest,Aamir khan has wonder popularity in China. Everyone praise him for his flim and Truth Alone Prevails.Dangal is famous in China now,the introduce has been reprinted One hundred thousand times.

  39. Aamir’sNon-commercial/niche films are huge hits at Box-office for ex Sarfrosh, Rangeela, Ghulam, Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par & now DANGAL ( Biggest of Indian cinema infact). That’s why he is called the game changer of Indian Cinema & Legendary Filmmaker K.Balachandra called him Don Bradman of Indian cinema.

    he is totally stupid calling those film niche i means Rangeela urmila matondar bold avtar.....hahhaah means this article is not authentic....Bakwas keep this article in your pocket...

  40. lol writer most watched film of 90's is ddlj all r knows it most watched over 25yrs years n ar muragadss best film is holiday(orginal thupaki) nt ghajini raju hiranis befor 3 idiot is munnabhai mbbs fan k pyar me kuch bhi jhuth bolke ullu bna dete h tm log aur total success ration dikhaya nhi gaya h yehan kyu ki srk is ahead in success

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