Aamir Khan takes China by storm: View Pics

Aamir Khan is in China for the release of much awaited Dangal in the country. He is accompanied by director Nitesh Tiwari on his tour to China.

The actor recently attended Beijing International Film Festival. Dangal was also premiered there in a special screening which was housefull. The film will release in cinemas on 5 May 2017. A few pictures have surfaced online and they clearly suggest Aamir’s huge popularity in the country.

A thrilled Aamir told India Today, “There is a lot of similarity in our cultures. I’m comfortable with Chinese people. I feel closer to people in China than in the West. A closer connection I feel. I can feel the emotion when I come to China. It is something that I really cherish. I’ve been acting for many years. In the beginning, none of my films was popular in China, especially with youth in China. Then Dhoom 3 and PK have also done so well here. It makes me very happy that my work gets so much love from China.”

Aamir was greeted by thousand of fans at Beijing International Film Festival where his film Dangal is currently being screened. The film will be released as ‘Shuaijiao Baba’ which means Let’s wrestle, father. Earlier his films like 3 Idiots, Dhoom 3 and PK have done excellent business in China. It will be interesting to see how Dangal will fare there.

Check out the pics and videos.


28 comments on “Aamir Khan takes China by storm: View Pics”

  1. gajab yar koi toh hai Jo Chineseo se paise nikalwa raha hai feeling proud to see aamir
    popularity in China koi toh indian actor hai Jo itna famous hai China me

    1. srk released his film fan hny dilwale all are floped in China also
      India's biggest blockbuster bahubali flopped in China
      its clear aamir is famous in China
      once u Bollywood arena u said Raju is famous
      but reality aamir is famous no one knows rajuhirani

      1. Aamir is 1-10 in china.

        Fan,HNY were not flops,they were all time disasters there.

        Fan LT-0.21M$

        PK LT-19.38M$

  2. Aamir felt insecure in india he should live in china with his types of people. Chinese and aamir face matched very much, height bhi same hi hai. Rajkumar Hirani's dutt will also do well here because pk and 3 idiots was his movies so he is bigger than aamir in china

    1. @Mykey... which sort of person you are??? being an Indian you should be proud of aamir... n i like Chinese people as well.

  3. Aamir following is superb in China. I am expecting that Dangal will open huge and collect outstanding business there.
    Aamir is definitely gets huge following in a country where NRIs are not much. First 3i, Then Pk now Dangal.
    I am laughing when people still saying PK & 3i because of Raju hirani, so just pray guys dutt won't clashed with TZH. Aamir still has Ghajini & Dangal which trashed every record single handedly.

  4. Wow...mind boggling...
    Sallu fans see the power of Megastar Aamir..
    Where is sallu?
    In Bhojpur...

  5. Salman fans..tm log collection k basis pe salman ko no 1 bolte ho par wo nhi h no 1 usse kaffi jyda collection aamir ki movies india aur overseas me collect karte h..aur bhai acting ki baat to main kar hi nhi rha..?

  6. well good to c aamir making a mark there!!! *whallopp!!!!

    Our parshya abhi bhi uss article ke baare msin socch raha hai jisme salman ws declared No. 1.. :D..
    Tune soya ki nahi teek se??????

    1. ha ha ha
      nice bro....meri vajah se sallu fans bhi to nahi soye....dislike karne mein jude rahein..

  7. Aamir ki hight aur China people ki hight same hai.PK me aamir Chinese dikhta bhi hai.PK Chinese movie ki tarah thi jisme aamir ki acting jaki Chan SE milti thi.PK ke karan dangal bhi chal jayegi.Jaise India me Tom cruise ki movie 30 crore ka business ki aur van diesel ki movie110 crore ka business ki.to iska MATLAB van diesel Tom cruise SE bada star hai.

  8. well China as a country really doesnt differentiate on the basis of gender……

    There are two ways to look at this……(a) the country is not facing the same issue of gender bias as India….or atleast much lesser than what it is in india, so the connect with the audience could be limited….

    (b) another opinion could be that the film in a way re emphasizes what China believes in and as such will connect with the audience in a major way……..

    My guess is that the possibility of latter happening is very high…….Dangal can expect big nos coming from China and it could well take the overall tally of Dangal worldwide collections past 900 crores!……

  9. our friend parshya is more active in salmans articles compared to his supposedly guru aamir.. :D

  10. sometime i amuse that what srk think and release hny in 5000 screen and made 50,000 dollar while pk release in 4000 screen and made 140cr hahaha..

  11. what srk think he release hny in 5000 screen in china and made 50,000 dollar lol. Can any body tell me?

  12. Aamir is global megastar. China is not friendly country to India but aamir is hugely popular there. It is called megastardom

  13. I am saying likh lo min 30M US$ business karegi dangal china mein.abt 200cr.

    1000 cr WW grosser banegi dangal.

    SRK yet to cross 400cr WW,Global megastar my foot.

  14. Great Aamir sir.. feeling proud of u!
    U have taken Indian cinema to another level.... Hats off!

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