Aamir Khan refuses to send Dangal for IIFA Awards Nominations

Aamir Khan’s last release Dangal broke several box office records and became the highest grosser of all time. The film is still doing extraordinary business in Taiwan and is also gearing up for China release.

Dangal recently lost deserving National Awards which created a lot of backlashes. Now it seems that the film will lose again in IIFA 2017. The voting of IIFA has already begun and Aamir Khan’s Dangal is not a part of the nominations.

However, the reason behind this is that apparently, the team of Dangal has not filed any nominations from their end. Confirming the news, Andre Timmins, Director, Wizcraft International, the Producer and Creator of the IIFA movement said, “So basically, in IIFA, forms are sent to various production houses. They fill those forms up and send it back to us. Those forms are then put out to the industry for voting and from there it becomes a nomination.”

“So Dangal has not sent their entry in. We would love Dangal to be a part of it. I think it’s a movie that’s broken all records. We love Aamir Khan and the two little girls. They did a great job. But unfortunately, they didn’t send their entry in. We feel sad”, added Timmins.

The 18th edition of IIFA Awards will be held in New York this July.

22 comments on “Aamir Khan refuses to send Dangal for IIFA Awards Nominations”

  1. As we all know that Aamir Khan don't care about fake Aaward of natonal and now international Award as well...

    1. You guys think only Indian awards are like that, all the other awards in the world are like that but this guy thinks he's on a level to attend oscar or China film festivals! Why did he send it to other awards and not IIFA? It doesn't make sense..

    2. Isks dimaag kharab ho chuka hai..
      He sud send at least it cud win easily warna agar aisa hi attitude raha aamirbka toh he can be flop in upcoming time

  2. haddh hai.. ab show maar raha hai..
    thugs of hindustan & his latest will bring him down to earth

  3. Well done aamir why send when they will give others, its a insult for Dangal. Boxoffice and Footfalls showed the real appreciation.
    Aamir i hope you will do movies like 3 idiots pk and dangal and avoid movie like dhoom 3 and thugs of hindustan. You will make only beautiful movies.

    One of your true admirer

  4. In India all awards are biased including national awards ! Congrats akshay ! Welcome to Saif Ali khan club.

  5. parshya tho dimaag ke saat deals chal raha hoga.. kyunki uske paas tho wo cheeze hai hi nahi.. :D

  6. Awards are less important to him. Once in future best actor male will be given as "Aamir Khan Award". He is the maestro of Bollywood.

  7. tubelight ka official poster dekha .... dekhlo hetters sab coma me chala jayega khas karke amir fan ha ha... bollyarana official poster tubelight ka post karo yaar .... i think ab takki sabse best poster Hai Bollywood ki

    1. There is a huge difference between Aamir fans and other actor fans when it comes to biggest success of films.
      Other stars fans creating too much hoopla before the release of films of their actors. Aamir fans not only talking about before the release, they even keep enjoying that fun until Aamir's next release. Because in between no one here to touch Aamir. So stop talking about Aamirians.

  8. For those commenting that Aamir attends other international awards, so why not IIFA or any other Indian award events...

    Long back Aamir had attended Oscar ceremony for Lagaan. Thereafter many many years back, think he also accepted some south Indian award.....

    But since last many years, Aamir doesnt participate/accept any award events/shows all over the globe.......Thus he has been consistent.........He wont be accepting any award for Dangal, no matter which event or who the presenter is !!!

  9. Bhai tubelight abhi release nehi hua dekhte hain Kiya ukhar lega. Aamir fans ko to abhi tak chance nehi Mila ke kisi dusre ATHG dene wala dekhe. Aamir one and only maestro.

    1. bro dangal 1st phase collection is around 753cr after taiwan and still running there

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