Aamir Khan refuses to release Dangal in Pakistan without National Anthem

Aamir Khan was recently seen in Dangal which went on to break all box office records. The film was released in India in last December. There were speculations that it might get a simultaneous release in Pakistan however Aamir Khan decided against it as there was a ban on Indian films.

Now the ban on Indian films is lifted in Pakistan and recently Kaabil, Jolly LLB 2 and BKD were screened in the country. Aamir Khan's Dangal was also highly anticipated in Pakistan and the film was recently sent to the Censor Board.

However the latest reports suggest that Pakistani authorities have objected against two scenes which included the Indian flag and another in which the Indian national anthem is played after Geeta Phogat wins the gold medal.

Reportedly Aamir Khan has decided that the film would not be released in Pakistan if these two scenes are chopped off as it does not have reference against the country.

Dangal was a blockbuster in overseas also and has done $30 million business without Pakistan.

17 comments on “Aamir Khan refuses to release Dangal in Pakistan without National Anthem”

  1. dangal ka taiwan business dekha haters ne.Dangal has broken all records in taiwan.has done 0.425m$ till second weekend.wld easily do 1.25m$ there,it's just a teaser,china coming up next month and is 55-60 times of taiwan,so storm is coming in mid may with china release.BA post an article on dangal taiwan business.


  2. He is just pretending as if he has national fervour in him this is just to fool people.

        1. Dont blame on any star..every star is a patriot...i dont know why there is so much hate against aamir,srk , salman ...they represent india all around the world....whenever a star is mentioned...they dont say pakistani superstar ......they say indian superstar has done this......and they are all doing gd work in their own way..

    1. Accha bhai....first time....really?
      Are u serious.....according to devendra fernandis(cm of maharastra) amir khan's team serve water for maharastra near about 270cr/year.....& Now he is doing a show for maharastr and amir has done the show like satymev jayte & now u saying first time he does a good work...wow....& the biggest work he is doing for his country , i think that is doing of superb movies like pk ,dangal, three idiot, taare zameen par......i think if all of this was done by akshay then u had made a temple of akki...just think !

  3. salute u Mr.Aamir khan...
    there is no need to release in Pakistan if these two scenes "the Indian flag and Indian national anthem"are chopped off.
    Jai hind...

  4. It's Good that aamir did this..but it's clear that they r not playing real..specially aamir and akshay...

    some actors do good acting in real and reel life.
    1) sanjay dutt - when he in trouble --he was suppose to go in jail with long punishment..he started behaving well in society , no fight , behaved well with all , visited all mandirs etc ...
    and when he finally got less punishment and came out clearing everything started having alcohol, daily fight news (small) , misbehaviour new etc then waas it drama what he did 4-5 years back ?
    2) Salman Khan :
    since salmon got involved in many cases -- he cought hand of politicians Raj and modi ji. started secural films , secular talks etc ...as soon he was cleared from driving case ...made open comments on memon hanging ...and then Pakistan actors ban.

    3) akshay kumar - Askhay saw amirs popularity had increased due to satyamai jayanti and all of sudden amir was down because of intolerance comment. immigiately akshay saw opportunity and started talking against amir on that occasion. then after he started posting videos desh bakhti etc seeing to current situation and started gaining sympathy ...
    now he signed film in mandir. asshay is using well current situation.

    4) amir Khan :
    Amir was good and natural - till he passed intolerance comment . public started targeting him. so now he started buttering everybody. starting promoting marathi serials , started supporting govt on dinomination when others where OK and neutral he came out in support...now reacted on national anthem on pak release..

    Be real ...sab drama hai...

    I think this 4 actors played well due to situation as sanjay , salmon and amir did this as they were in trouble but akshay for going to top (sidi for climbing).

    now it's srk's and saif's turn asthey has been trolled lot in current situation ... srk also did something similar.. he named his son as AbRam..and tried to show he is secural etc..but didn't work well for him...tomorrow didn't get surprised if Saif does something like above --- kehte hai na "dhanda hai par Ganda hai yeh"

    But what they playing is right as current public wants to see this, we Dont want to see reality...

  5. Dangal is widest release in Taiwan.foreign movie Jo Taiwan me jyada business kya hai wo Russian movie hai collection -19mn$ .Taiwan me dangal 1mn$ SE jyada business nahi kar payegi because occupancy level is very low.but aaj tak Jo bhi Indian movie release Hui hai usse better hai.China me ye 3500 print PE release hogi aur 15 mn$ ka business kar Sakti hai ye to waqt batayega .robo2.0 Indian movie China me 60mn $ ka business kar Sakti hai aur Taiwan me 5mn$ ka agar release Hui to

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