Aamir Khan plans a special screening of Dangal for Salman Khan & SRK

Aamir Khan has shown his upcoming film Dangal to most of his close friends. The actor has been holding many screenings before the release. Now Aamir has revealed that he is planning a screening for Salman and Shahrukh Khan too.

"I have messaged both of them (Shah Rukh and Salman), whenever they want to see the film. Both are busy now, so whenever they want to see, we will screen it". Aamir was speaking at the special screening of Dangal last night.

"I am always nervous about all my films. So, whenever we make movies with all the love, we are worried if the audience will like it. They haven't seen the film yet, only our friends and relatives have been seeing the film," he said. "We are happy that those who have seen it are loving it. But we are waiting to see how the audience receives it once the film is released."

12 comments on “Aamir Khan plans a special screening of Dangal for Salman Khan & SRK”

    1. Is that a joke?
      It was due to content that 3 Idiots and PK worked in China. Script of both the films was easy to connect for audience all over the world. Do you really think Chinese audience will be interested in wrestling drama shot in rural India?
      If it was Amir that works in China then why Dhoom 3 collected only 20 cr. there?

      1. Inko to release ke pahle pasine chutne lage release ke bad inki nikal na jaye...
        Ha ha ha...

  1. No matter how much celebrities hail it. It's all up to audience to decide.
    Celebrities generally hail the films with social message and they don't care much for entertainment value. But for audience entertainment is as much important as script or content or social message. Both 3 Idiots and PK(first half) were highly entertaining but I don't think Dangal will be as entertaining as them.
    You can compare it with Lagan. Lagan had very good script. It was patriotic but still lost to Gadar because lack of universal appeal and entertainment value.
    Imagine if Lagan had released today. Wouldn't have celebrities hailed it even more than they are doing for Dangal? One more thing I forgot is that Lagan made it to Oscar nominations which they are expecting from Dangal also.
    In short my point is that celebrity reactions have very little value and finally it all depends on how audience reacts to it.

  2. I seriously don't understand why Aamir always take Salman and Srk name to promote his movie, don't he have any stardom......oops sorry I forget that even Aamir knows that he is not superstar......LOL

  3. I think Dangal will be a good movie and it will collect around Rs 240-260 Crores (Demonetization will affect its business by at least Rs 30-40 crores in India) in India and Overseas collection will be in the range of Rs 130-150 Crores.

  4. though I'm the greatest SRK fan, i hv to admit that SRK lost his no2 position many years back..its Aamir n salman , n Hrithik are far better in the last 10 years..SRK was never no 1..it was always Aamir or salman ..SRK was the 3 rd ...now he has moved to 5th position in terms of popularity , box office and in acting he there are many much better than him...

  5. RAjkumar to ne to akher he kar de ...to rahny he du Srk ka fan na ban,,,,,,,jo yeh kahye deya k Salma &Amir starting se 1st and 2nd thy....bus kr do yar.....kuch to bakhsh do us ko....

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