Aamir Khan celebrates his birthday with media: View Pics

It’s Aamir Khan‘s birthday today and like every year, this time too, he held a small press interaction and celebrated his birthday with the journalists.

He was spotted in a new look which is probably for Thugs of Hindustan. While talking to the media, he said, "What is important is how you feel in your head. I think, if you feel happy about yourself and your life, then age doesn’t matter.”

When Aamir was asked whether he will continue experimenting with his physique for films, like he did for Dangal, the actor said, “As an actor, it is my responsibility to portray a character well. So, whatever I will do whatever is needed for that. I understand that does affect our health, but I don’t think about that. The thing is, I just flow with the character.”

He also clarified that he and SRK are not collaborating for any project. "No. I met him twice in the last few months. Once at Ajay Bijli's party, where we met after a long time. It felt wonderful spending time with him. Recently, there was a get together. We are just meeting, just as friends. We are meeting casually, haven't discussed work."

Aamir also talked about ongoing nepotism debate "In General, I think it's a very normal human emotion to try and help people who you love and care for. It doesn't have to be someone who is part of your family; it could be someone you care for. It's a very natural emotion."

"I try to make sure that in my work, I don't let it interfere. As a creative person, I am responsible to my audience and I give huge importance to that. I try not to bring in emotions in my work," he added.

Aamir who is now will be seen in Thugs of Hindustan shared that he is excited and looking forward to working with Amitabh Bachchan. “I have so much more to learn so much from Amitji. I am really excited that I will be working with him. It will really be a great learning experience, I know that for sure,” he concluded.

Check out the pics.

Aamir Khan has also invited the Phogat family to attend the celebrations in Mumbai.

21 comments on “Aamir Khan celebrates his birthday with media: View Pics”

  1. Welcome aamir, aamir SE bada megastar pure world me nahi hai .aamir SE pura Hollywood darta hai.James camron bhi dar ke mare movie release nahi karta.aamir naam hi kafi hai movie ko atbb karne ke liye .aamir ke dangal ke samne sholey,mother India,hahk,ddlj,gadar,mpk ye sab ka collection Mila liya bhi jaye to bhi dangal hi aage hoga.dangal ,PK jaisa movie pure world me bhi nahi Bani toh sabhi record tod deta world wide collection 50000 crore

  2. A Very very happy birthday Mr.Perfectionist
    Megastar of Bollywood.
    Big big salute from all of us.

  3. kya stardom hai....mai Kiran or meri tanhayee aksar ye batein kartein hai SRK na hota tu aisa hota Salman na hota waisa hota but dono ne mujhe aisi jagah pe mara ke 400cr karne se bhi sharam aa rahi hai....MAi or meri tanhayi....

    ....mega stardom....LOL

    yaar mai hanso ke kya karo....Dangal 386cr....parshya rani kaha hu tum...

    1. I was thinking ki pagal doctor ko pakad liya gaya but dekho yeh mental asylum se bhaav aaaya him sabko bore karne

  4. “As an actor, it is my responsibility to portray a character well. So, whatever I will do whatever is needed for that. I understand that does affect our health, but I don’t think about that. The thing is, I just flow with the character.”

    Dear AMIR mega star of ANUP MAKAD/Parshaya Rani....what about TAP dance you really ruined with your
    non flexible body...HAHHAAHAHHA ...statement dene se pehle apni kartut pe tu dhyan de ta....

  5. in 5th picture a girl not interested in him playing game on phone...paid birthday...HAHAHAH...mega star....lol

  6. on birthday article of amir may get 10/20 comments....and srk article even if he sneeze....100 comments get.....this is the diffrence between in actor and mega star...

  7. HBD
    The Best Actor
    The Biggest Superstar
    The Game Changer
    The Trend Setter
    Founder of All Mega Clubs
    Ace Of Bollywood
    King Of Overseas
    Heart Throb of Nation
    An Actor,Director,Producer
    Singer,Rapper,TV Host,Philanthropist,
    An Institution in himself!!!
    HBD Mr. Perfectionist!!!

  8. at least comments to karo...salo...please he is mega star.....hahahahahahahaha

  9. happy birthday mr aamir khan ,he is a perfectionist as a filmmaker isme no doubt ,aaj birthday h too wish karo sab thik h balki dusre actors ki bure baat nhj karna chaiye fir v kar rahe too baki sbke fans chup nhi baitthe h ,bhai dhakad anup sab title usi ko de dete too baki sab kahan jate aur jhuth title v mt de ,king of overseas n singer ko nikal de aur asli life me too perfectionist nahi h kyu ki 3 wife h iska ,agar bollywood me real life me bhi perfect h too srk aur ajay h baki sab ki life too kuch bhi perfect nahi h

  10. No one can be like him nor will be. Aamir is the touchstone. He can make art film to a blockbuster. HBD to megastar and wish you all the best

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