Aamir Khan calls for supporting demonetisation initiative

Aamir Khan says that demonetisation has not affected him in any way as he doesn’t have any black money and called for supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative.

“I wont lie, I will be honest… demonetisation didn’t affect my life much. I believe it affected those people who have black money… I don’t have any black money… I have been paying my taxes till date. So I don’t have any black money at all,” he said at an event here.

“I spend money through my credit card or cheque so it didn’t affect me much. I know many people had problems and I feel sad for them but I am also happy that our Prime Minister has taken an initiative, so we should support him,” he added.


Last year Aamir Khan got into a huge controversy due to his remarks on intolerance. He will now be seen in Dangal.

11 comments on “Aamir Khan calls for supporting demonetisation initiative”

  1. Now he is taking U Turn.. As his Film "DANGAL" is releasing..
    A very selfish person who makes Intolerance remark when other's film was releasing..

  2. @bollyarena . U said that dangal crossed 9 million views in fb in 2 days .. But if you see FB till now it has only 4.7 million. How ?

  3. Dangal ko wahi dekhega jisse india se pyar nahi kyonki isske main hero india ko rehne layak nahi manta ab dekhte hain dusre desh ke log isske film ko kitna dekhte hain

  4. Iss aamir khan main samne se srk se takkar lene ki himmat nahi hai islie dilwale release hone se pehle intolrence ki baat kar usske bus ko effect kiya aur ye jo parshya hain srk ko deshdrohi keh rha tha aur ab aamir ka gungan kar rha hai kya double standard people hai jaise isska hero.shame on such idiots

    1. Meine kab srk ko deshdrohi bola bro..
      Mein to support karta hoon jo bhi srk and Aamir ne kaha hein..ha lekin Aamir ne jo apni biwiki bat boli desh chhodane ki wo galat hein...jo bhi hein hamein uska samna karna chahiye..

  5. Not expected from aamir to take U turn... disappointed...

    U r someone who use to talk bravely. Today this brave man has surrendered.

    Politicians has won finally -- our actors like srk meets raj and surrenders, Karan surrendered, aamir now surrendered...


    Reason -- we public...

    We public never supported the true person.. hum lage hai inn politicians ko support karne me as our hero's r this politicians -- Raj , Owaisi, modi ji, amit shah, Didi, parikar etc..

    We follow them...so yeh hona hi thaa.. they will say not to see film and we agree...result those people we had courage to talk truth has also surrendered....

    Kaha jaa Rahe hai hum.....

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