Aamir Khan as Shakti Kumaarr - Secret Superstar

Watch how Aamir Khan transformed from the sincere and principled Mahavir Phogat to the outrageous Shakti Kumaarr for his role in Secret Superstar !

Secret Superstar releases in cinemas this Diwali - 19th Oct

18 comments on “Aamir Khan as Shakti Kumaarr - Secret Superstar”

  1. What’s the response to secret superstar are people excited or is the buzz a bit cold?

  2. The biggest megastar whose name is enough to kick the ass of his 2 kodi ke haters. No one can touch his stardom. His 2 rs haters and all lallu Bauna fans stay within your limit and better pray that liliput zinda hai doesn't break marigold record. LOL. Highest number of flops and disasters on big festivals like eid and Diwali. LOL.

  3. In terms of stardom today:

    Hakla and BAtla fans should remain in their limits

    SRK time over from 2015
    Aamir time over from 2017


    Eid weekend is still vacant but kisika dum nahi usko book karne ka....

    1. Global megastar se panga? Aamir aur uske fans se panga matlab apne tiny star ki career pe kulhadi marna. Don't you remember how badly we aamir fans destroyed fusslight? Same will happen this Christmas when we will destroy your batla's Lilliput zinda hai. Baatla lallu is nt even a mile close to AK in stardom.

    2. Bhai ghr sa soch ka aata ho Kya kA aaj jam kr besti krwa kA aaunga apni Salman kA khud kA saga bap Bhi salman ko Aamir sa compare krna sa pehla 1000 bar sochega gar tube light dekh aur mar ja bye

    3. Ha ha ha. In your dreams Premium fan ?. Keep dreaming, it comes at no cost.

      Aamir khan - Sirf, naan hi kaafi hai is movie to hit karne me liye.

    4. Sadakchap [email protected] @Being Gorilla Fan I will kick your ass if you will come in front of me. Your batla lallu monkey's career is already over. Poor tiny star bigg boss jaise 3rd class show host karta hai aur wohi uski aukaat rahegi. Eid also couldn't save our lallu monkey. Tiny poor flop star with 0 fan following. Kahan global megastar Aamir Khan aur Kahan tiny 2 kodi Ka flop chongu mongu actor salman?

  4. Muje pkka ykin h ki secret superstar kmaayi kitni b kre lekin aamir ki movie h mtlb dil to audience ka pkka jitegi.

  5. Seeing Aamir's act, this movie will be nominated for best cartoon film :D :D:D
    .. secret flopstar :D

    1. Your liliput lallu is biggest cartoon flop actor in the world who doesn't have aukaat to compete with Tushar kapoor forget about megastar like aamir khan.

      1. tu kaun hai be? must admit ur arguments are quite immature and extremely boring!.. bollyarena is not the place for u.. baag yahaan se

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