Aamir Khan And Jackie Chan To Star in A Movie Kung Fu Yoga


Chinese film regulators on Thursday announced three China-India co-production films featuring Jackie Chan and Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan.

The first film is titled as Kung Fu Yoga which stars Aamir Khan and Jackie Chan.This film will be a perfect combination of Chinese martial arts and indian culture.

Second film will be based on the life of Xaun Zang, a noted Buddhist monk during the Tang dynasty (618-907), who made an arduous journey to India to study Buddhism.

While the third co-production titled as Da Nao Tian Zhu (Causing havoc in India) will become the first film directed by Chinese film star Wang Baoqiang.

Co-production films will help Indian films gain access to China by circumventing a quota system for imported films. It is also expected to benefit Chinese films.Bollywood films in recent times have gained huge popularity in China.

Since 2014, four Indian films were released in Chinese cinemas while another 14 were shown on the movie channel of state broadcaster China Central Television. China also has imported more than a dozen Indian TV series.

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