2.0 will be most prestigious Indian film ever: Rajinikanth

Superstar Rajinikanth is confident that his mega-budget project 2.0 will be the most prestigious Indian film ever. The team of 2.0 held a press event today in Dubai. Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, A R Rahman, director Shankar, Amy Jackson and producer Allirajah Subaskaran were present at the event.

"It will appeal to both the global and Indian audiences. Director Shankar has a nice social message for everyone in the film," Rajinikanth, 66, told reporters at a press conference in Dubai. Asked about his down-to-earth personality, Rajinikanth said, "I don't want to act in my real-life because no one pays me to act off-screen."

Akshay Kumar said, "I've never done a role like this in my entire career. And, I've never seen anyone doing a character like this. It was a whole new experience to play the role of an anti-hero."

Director Shankar said, "'2.0' is not an extension of 'Enthiran'. It's a new film with a new format and a new message. But audiences will get to see their favourite characters from 'Enthiran' in the film. We have tried to convey a message, which is global. Everyone will be able to connect with it," said Shankar.

He also stressed that ‘2.0’ is not a copy of any Hollywood film. He said the film just follows the Hollywood format in depicting the scale and the vision.

Amy Jackson said, "I was always on my toes from day one. Shankar is a great filmmaker, and it's my second film with him. I had a whale of a time working on this project."

The team is now gearing up for the grand audio launch at Burj Park, Downtown Dubai, tomorrow.

37 comments on “2.0 will be most prestigious Indian film ever: Rajinikanth”

  1. sorry rajni it is canadian film not yours. Me listening from many month from canadian fans

    1. Ss is actually not a good film...bt its funny how people in arena started trolling aamir for ss...why do you think dear zindagi was not added to srk's hit movies??because it was an extended cameo..just like billu...and that's why i say some people in arena are brainless calling aamir china made star...aamir made bolly movies popular in china...he has developed a fanbase there...if he does good movies it will bring huge money from there..if bad it wont work..srk is still the most popular star..if he does right films it can even go upto 75 million $ in overseas..bt aamir has gone over everyone else with dangal..its not about one movie..for last 10 years or so his movies all his movies had done well in overseas...excepting dhobi ghat all his films were atbb since 2008 except taalash which was above average..even these two did well in overseas...and who is stopping others from doing good movies???he does obe film in 1 or 2 years..bt gives his everything to that film....the way he promoted dangal was superb...even if a person has shit in brain would know that aamir has gone past everyone else..1 small flop like billu or ss does not change anything...aamir may not be the most popular star...bt he is a brand where audience trust and go to watch his films on theatre..at the end of the day thats what matters the most

      1. Akshay sir you always in quite different forms so it's quite usual
        All Time India Blockbuster sure
        2000 cr ww at any cost

      2. Areey ooo paagal Whats the point and relevence regarding the lecture uve given with 2.0 here ...mindless

      3. @Ceiling khan;
        Yaah right his all movies are doing superb in overseas this decade......but what kind of statement is this "excepting dhobi ghat all his films were atbb since 2008 except taalash"....so you keep aside Dhobhi Ghat and Taalash and also SS then how many movies left only 3.....so in the time period of 8 years he manage to give only 3 Hits that you called stardom and all three released in Best Period of year with Lots of Holiday and all are solo......ok leave this Holiday and solo factor aside, but only 3 hits in 8 years is not at all consider as Stardom Bro......

        And talking about China made star statement, then its you people (aamir fans) who keep barking all the time about China collection.....we just give a name to Aamir from that.....

    2. You people are actually [email protected] talk only about him??why not about alia who is also not an indian??because he has made it big without any baap???i am an aamir fan bt you guys dont have nothing to do except wasting your time in this shit...and how is tepk and jolly patriotic films??ok tepk gives message about national problem and that makes it a patriotic film??jolly is a courtroom drama??srk also gave his vest in chak de and swades bt nobody said about it..ok akki is canadian thats why people say it..bt then whats wrong in doing patriotic films and giving good and successful films??if people look closely there is a patriotic angle in almost all of the superstars movies..and that canadian topic..being a canadian he is doing great job for his country and being an honest and true deshbhakt tu saale keya ukhar liya??

    3. If you are educated enough,
      Please google meaning of "honorary citizenship".
      You envy AK dining good work for country through his socially relevant films.
      Instead of doing your bit, people like you take the easy route, to criticize.
      Two thumbs down!

      1. Hahaha Akshay Ko Canadian nationality honourary nahi Mila hai..Akshay me Canada ka nationality lia hai smjhaa.akshay me kabhi Canada vale baat pe theek se Jawaani nahi diya aaak thuuu

        1. @krrish @rishabh who ever say Akshay Kumar is Canadian but it’s not it called honory so
          Guys plz don’t talk anything with out half knowledge you guys can check akshay ka interview with Arnab Goswami on you tube and many more videos available regarding this so with out talking shit about something do
          Some back ground stuff agar gossips ke lave aap log ki kuch kaam nahin hai tho mera pass ajao I’ll give u good job or else apne favourite stars ko honory nahin Milne isliye jalan horehe kya badboo arahai Yaha tak you morons btw patriotic movie nikal the tho kya hua galat kya hai entertainment is business in India koi bhi star pukat mein movie nahin kar raha hai they are earning so may be it’s his way film making end of the his movies are hit that’s all it matters apne favourite stars ko hit nahin mil raha hai it the pbm with poor script ask them to select good scripts kyun baar baar jo hit dega uske upar rothe hai tum log and he is doing many many social services to his country u ppl can say for show off but we don’t mind atleast he is doing something not like other stars sirf kamana hai,akki knows how to do the business at the same time he knows how to do social services he and sharukh Khan both are self made stars I always appreciate that not like Aamir Khan,Salman Khan or ajay devgan they have god fathers but end of the day all are good actors in their respective leagues so no comparisions so try to appreciate stars for what they are doing rather than criticising.

    4. After this news i can bat 2.0 Will be huge, very huge like hollywood movies. Happy for Akshay kumar's role. After listening to akki, feel akki's role different fresh and exciting..

  2. after golmaal again it is proved that ajay dev gun is a way bigger star than akshay kumar. ajay has two 30 crore plus openers while akshay is yet to give 20 crore plus opener.
    if akshay kumar fans say that it was because of holiday then singh is bling was also a national holiday release but opened at only 17 crore net. if akshay kumar fans give excuse of franchise then housefull 3 was also a franchise film but opened around 15 crore net.
    we should not call akshay a big star at all . aamir, salman, ajay, varun, hritik, ranbir all are way bigger star than akshay kumar. even i can say that 14.69 crore opening star srk is also bigger than 12 crore opening star akshay.

    1. Comment:low H3 is nonholiday release you are comparing nonholiday release with holiday release and sib has flop trailer songs and extremely negative review bola na bas 2018 ka wait kar sab sawal ka jawab mil jayega

    2. @honest man for yo kind information Housefull series are released on non holiday days and that too dull period but still it has managed to do 100crores that too all 3 parts and Golmaal series has 4 parts 2 of them are released on diwali only and managed to do good business am not saying Golmaal series are bad I do like them no egos but when it comes to comparisons u can’t compare films with holiday and non holiday releases and with that conclusions u can’t say who is much bigger stars and the point is out of 4 golmaal series only 2 managed to do 100 crores and housefull series all 3 has 100 crores and that too dull period so now just imagine agar housefull series if it’s get diwali release what wonders can it make it so enjoy the movie not comparisions and I don’t want to compare who is bigger star coz every body hard works for their film both akki and Ajay are great actors they are entertaining us since many years all this comparisons will create fools like u whn u have constructive work u don’t waste yo time on such comparisons and end of the day all stars are good friends out side then why yo People fight each other,Salman says akki is great actor and akki says salman and they are good friends but y Salman and akki fans fight each other you morons try to improve yo brains,sharukh Khan and Salman Khan are good friends in fact they are doing cameos in their movie then why the hell you ppl fight,Ajay and akshay maintain good friend ship they only revelead it in akkis laughter challenge Show then why do fans compare their works ,in the same way Amir Khan Salman Khan sharukh Khan Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan all are good friends then fans like u will fight each other uncessarily grow up kids?

  3. The battle between the Inidia's no1 and no2 giants starts

    2.0 Vs Baahubali2
    450 Vs 250 Cr
    Shankar Vs Rajamouli
    Tamil Vs Telugu battle.

    but i am 100% Sure nobody can break Baahubal2 record.

  4. I have full respect of Rajnikant ji but your film do better in south market no one near you being a superstar of south always great.
    But unfortunately in your film no one got much role except you.
    Apka role sob se zada hota hai recently apki koe film me kisi aur ko sirf face dekhane ke siwa kuch nahi hai.
    But I don't agree one of your statement about bahubali beginning you said PULI film starer vijay is better than bahubali it just show jealous.
    But it will do less business than Bahubali 2 hindi version.
    2.0 hindi version less than 150cr sure.
    It will open record breaking in south regional language.
    Extended akshay cameo little help in Hindi belt sure.
    Overall hindi version of 2.0 less than 150cr.
    Don't fool people in the name of Akshay.
    Even akshay solo cannot earn more than 150cr.
    Akshay cannot help u more than just average.

  5. Comment: akshay + rajni is means storm some fans says akshay can't handle big budget movie
    unlucky his all big budget movie has poor content ,story and screens play
    tmk 2200 screens only opening 13 cr opening note bumper
    ountm 2000 screens only 12 cr opening opening note bumper
    blue 6 cr opening with 3 way clash opening bumper
    a superstar can only give excellent opening with big budget movie rest is depend on story ,screenplay etc

  6. Was commenting here lately with the user name @Raja. For unknown reasons, comments being blocked by @bollyarena for last couple of days. So shifting back to the initial name with which I used to comment with the hope that it will finally be moderated.

    2.0 is looking cool and the clash between Rajnikanth & Akshay sounds exciting. Shall create havoc at box office.

  7. @ bollyarena : Will we get any update tonight about Golmaal Again becoming the biggest grosser of the year ??

  8. HahAhaha Rajni Sir Is Back

    Chalo Actor K Roop Me Nahi To #Villian K Roop Me 1st 150+ Cr Karega Canadian

    Bjp Ki Chat K Na Hua Ab Rajni Sir K Sahare Karega Canadian 150Cr ?

    Ek Baat Yaad Rakhna Film Bas Hero Ki Hoty Hai Villian Ki Nahi Canadian Yaad Rakhna ye ?

    #Aamir_Rulex ??

  9. Akshay will take care of Northern Belt and Rajni sir will take care of southern belt. Basically it will be a tsunami at box office. Those who are demeaning Akshay's character coz of Rajnikant then I have a 1 q for them how much Robot 1 earned in Hindi belt.
    It's a common perception that a big movie with big stars obviously it will draw audience. Same is true for khan's devgan n Akshay. Jitna bada movie n starcast collection utna bada hoga.
    N why I give credit to Akshay kumar coz even a niche film like TEPK became the highest grosser of bollywood this year. Obviously we have to give credit where it is due. #peaceout

    1. Bhai do you even know the meaning of Niche your just find it attractive so you use it.....Yaar ye toh aaj kal trend ban gaya har fan base apne star ki movie ko Niche declare kar deta hai......LOL

  10. 14.69 crore opening star ? Then who gave 2 30 + crore opening ? Tere baap ne ,
    If Ajay have 30 crore opening pull then why he is yet to cross 12 crore without rohit ? Why baadshaho opening is only 10 crore ?
    1st tell your devgan to give a excellent opening and a 100 crore grosser without his papa Rohit .SRK and Akshay are not dependent on Rohit .

    1. If srk is such a big star the y he cannot cross 200cr without Rohit...y SRK jhms collection is only 62cr n became disaster... Y fan was flop....y he is not getting solo release...now is he flopstar considering all this

  11. I think bahubali2's india,overseas and ww record will be in danger but Dangals overseas record and WW record will be safe.

    1. Thanks to China....Today Aamir and his fans feel relax that he looks like Chinese, varna kya hota hamare Tingu Khan ka......

  12. Forget this Canadian nonsense let’s wait for trailer of 2.0 and see how good film actually is visually can’t wait

  13. Agar ye film chali Tu only on Rajni sir not a crap star Akshay ki aukat hi Nahi hai 135 se ipur ki per candian fans ye bol rahy hai ke un ke candian ki aukat hi Nahi hai 135 se uper all time worst star Akshay Kumar

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