2.0 Teaser - Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar

Finally the maker of highly anticipated movie 2.0 have unveiled the teaser starring Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson in lead. The music is composed by A R Rahman & directed by Shankar.

Hindi Teaser.

Tamil Teaser.

Telgue Teaser

2.0 is a sequel of 2010 blockbuster movie Enthiran (released in Hindi as 'Robot').

23 comments on “2.0 Teaser - Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar”

  1. really are you sure...
    i think vfx par thoda or dhyaan ena chahiye tha
    and i believe toh will better movie than robot 2

    1. Can see why there's so much Hate against
      because you have seen it in 2D.
      Go watch it in 3D, superb effects and VFX looks much better. Give it a chance before hating

  2. Pros and cons of this trailer


    1) the trailer is very good specially the chitty part look like rajni nailed it. A must watch for many.

    2)akki was suppose to look menacing and he does look menacing. It was a great call by the casting people to cast him well done because he put a lot of Northern flavor into this southern or rajni looking film.

    3)the film looks way bigger than the first part.the vfx is ground breaking by Bollywood standard .


    1) the trailer is great but not glorious. It's needs to be glorious because this is not a 200 or 300 cr movie it's almost 600cr movie. It looks by response it's boiling rage down south and as it moves north it gets colder and colder to a lukewarm response in the north.

    2) casting Amy Jackson instead of ash. Amy is very pretty but she doesn't bring anything more than that but ash is a different story. Ash is built for big budget event movie this is where she shines she is not made for fanny Khan. This movie needs a female to shine which part 1 had.

    All in all the movie looks great but the budget is truly massive

  3. Hehehe....parshya r u sick...bhai tujhse yeh ummed Nhi thi...itne ghatiya trailer KO accha bta raha movie is looking like crap Ra one type baccho wali without any sense....
    Expensive hone se picture acchi Nhi ho jati....I'm so disappointed after watching this crap trailer...bs VFX hoga movie mai story seems quite weak....or sach mai teaser dekh k lgta Nhi h yeh 500 crore ki movie bani hai.....or south industry ka toh almost Sb fake hota h box office collection nd all...kuch time bad pta chalta south zone mai kitne manipulate hote h collection....movie kitna bhi Kama le but story wise bekaar hogi bht..

  4. Can see why there's so much Hate against
    because you have seen it in 2D.
    Go watch it in 3D, superb effects and VFX looks much better. Give it a chance before hating

  5. Congrats Rajinikanth and Shankar for servicing us with so many years involvment in cinema industry. But what a bad way to end up your career with this piece of crap. Huge investment but such a cartoon type of visual effects ! Totally piece of crap !

  6. Looks absolutely rubbish!! Chitti acting like a super hero the VFX are so shabby!! 600 crore movie major let down!!

  7. Hollywood ki har super hero movie or sci-fi movie ki story ek jesi hi hoti hai, prithvi khatare me hai, humanity khatare me hai aesa hi kuch lekar story banate hai. Fir bhi kitana kama leti hai. Blockbuster hoti hai. Vese hi 2.0 bhi super hero ya sci-fi movie hai to story bhi aesi hi hogy. 2.0 ki story ko leke jo log negativity fela rahe hai unko Hollywood story me kami kyo nahi dikhti.


    Jo log vfx ki baat kar rahe hai unko pahele trailer ka intazar karna chahiye. Kyoki 2.0 ka vfx work abhi finish nahi huva hai. Vfx par kaam chalu hai isiliye teaser me Kuch scene bina vfx polishing ke normal dikhaye gaye hai. Isliye kuch vfx kamjor lag raha hai. Vfx work pura hone ke baad jo movie dekhoge tab faisla karna.

  8. Parshya aunty bahubali2 ka record todna impossible h samjhe.....maximum 250crs in Hindi version and TOH maximum 350crs.

  9. Welcome back Bollyarena naya style mast h ab to race3 ke sadme se baahar aa jao aap log

  10. This movie will become biggest disaster ever in the history of film industry.
    Old type Hollywood movie copy... N water a bad vfx..... Challenge it will not collect more than 130cr in hindi.
    It got mixed to negative for teaser.
    Same type action like first part robot.
    Gun seen exactly same as first part....
    Waste of money...
    Congrats Akshay kumar soon u will join Biggest disaster movie ever in bollywood.

  11. THE TEASER is fantastic and if the film is anything like it, it will be a blockbuster.

  12. A lot of people are saying it looks a bit kiddish because of 3D, then they shouldnt have gone for 3D because it looks like a trailer to a ps or xbox video game!

  13. Expected more from the teaser but nevertheless movie will be huge.upcoming movies looking very interesting.
    Badhai ho, BGMC, Sui dhaga are 100 crs contender

    SOTY,TOTAL DHAMAL 150 crs contenders

    Simbha, zero 175-200 crs contenders

    Robo2 & TOH are Bahubali 2 contenders

  14. How can people argue the vfx is not done yet? If that was the case why release a teaser n show how poor it is?? This film is dragging so much!! The damage has been done big time

  15. I am afraid to say the trailer is par below expectation. This is really strange that a 500 Crore movie having this trailer. Disappointed.

  16. Teaser is not up to the mark.. expected a lot.. specially I loved Robot a lot.. This looks below par

  17. 2.0 is made for 3d I hope they show this film in 4dx at my nearest multiplex phir sahi mazaa ayega 3d plus chairs moving with the action awesome plus Shankar makes good films.

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